Infinidock, Infinifolders, Infiniboard 2.0 Completely Rebuilt; Includes iOS 6 Support


Grant Paul aka chpwn has released a new version of popular jailbreak tweaks – Infinidock, Infinifolders, Infiniboard to add support for iOS 6 or later.

chpwn has developed the jailbreak tweaks from scratch to address performance and stability issues. He also notes that it should also make it easier for him to add new features.

chpwn has explained the reason for developing the jailbreak tweaks from scratch on his blog:

It’s been a long time now, but the first release of Infinidock was almost three years ago now. It was only my second tweak for iOS, after Proswitcher with Ryan Petrich, and my first in the Cydia Store. The first version was built in just one week after coming up with the idea, and only worked on iOS 3.0 and iOS 3.1.

Since then, it’s gained a number of extra features, and I also released Infiniboard that February and Infinifolders later that year. But all three have still been based on the same code I wrote in one week during January 2010. Because of that, adding new features and supporting newer iOS releases was growing more difficult with every update. It was time for a clean slate.

And so today I’m releasing new versions of all of the Infiniapps, rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 5 and iOS 6. But while the core is brand new, all of your favorite features, settings, and purchases are still there, and everything should seamlessly carry over into the new versions. I also added a few new features — scrollbars and bouncing settings are now an option in Infinidock, for example — and new features should be much easier to add in the future.

In case you’re not aware of these jailbreak tweaks, here’s a brief description of the tweaks:

Infinidock ($0.99) allows you to add unlimited number of apps to the dock. Infinidock 2.0 gets scrollbars and bouncing settings.

Infinifolders ($1.99) allows you to add an infinite number of apps to a folder. chpwn admits that previous version of the jailbreak tweak was not unlimited (50 to 200 apps limit) due to performance reasons, but now it is truly unlimited with the new architecture.

Infiniboard ($0.99) allows you to scroll vertically through the apps on your Home screen.

If you had purchased these jailbreak tweaks before, then you can download the updates for free.

While we can debate if jailbreaking is dead, one thing we all seem to agree, jailbreak apps like Infinidock, Infinifolder etc make our iOS devices that much more fun to use. We’re hopeful that the hackers will prevail in the cat and mouse game with Apple.

Via: chpwn blog

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