Insatiable Demand for iPad mini in China and Hong Kong

2012 12 31 08 12 46

When we were gazing into the tea leaves of the iPad mini launch in China, there was lots gloom around the lack of crowds on launch day. Would the iPad mini be a flop in China where low cost (okay cheap) Android options have flooded the market? Looks like the technology Cassandras were a little quick to judge because iPad minis are sold-out in China and Hong Kong and demand for them is “insatiable”.

John Paczkowski of AllThingsD got the inside story on iPad mini sales in China:

Topeka analyst Brian White says his checks in Hong Kong and China indicate “insatiable” demand for the iPad mini, which launched in those countries in early November and December, respectively. Nearly all models of the diminutive iPad sold out in Hong Kong and China last week, with sources at Apple’s three retail stores in Hong Kong and eight in China reporting stock-outs or significantly constrained supply.

All of the criticisms of the lack of a Retina display, the price, or even its lack of oomph just seem to fall on deaf ears because people love the iPad mini. Like other regions, the iPad mini is outselling its full-sized sibling, again the iPad mini seems to be creating more demand and sales than it is cannibalizing.

Via: AllThingsD

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