Instagram Updated with New Filter and Fixes Privacy Bug


Instagram has updated their app (twice in the last day) to add a new filter, privacy settings, and expanded sharing beyond the camera roll.

Beyond the hullabaloo over changes to their TOS, which has been changed back to the old version as far as advertising is concerned, Instagram has pushed out a couple of updates to the iOS app in the last day.

The first update re-enabled the ability to share photos from any album on your device (not just the Camera Roll) and added a new filter “Mayfair” to the available ways to tweak and tune your pictures. A small snag, though, the new version introduced a bug where your privacy settings (whether all your pictures were public or private) wouldn’t stick. That bug has been fixed in an update that just came out (I don’t know how they managed to pull that off since iTunes Connect is closed).

Here’s the settings screen you should check to make sure your privacy is set the way you want it to be:

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With all the controversy around the new Instagram TOS (which many folks said wasn’t so bad in the first place) how do you feel about using Instagram or any service to publish your photos?

We can’t forget the adage that if the product or service is free, we (the users) are actually the product (being sold), so we get to use Instagram for free, but at what real cost. Instagram has to make money, so…

Probably the best explanation I’ve read lately comes from XKCD:


Yeah, that’s pretty much it isn’t it?

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