iOS 6.0.2 out: Update folks (iPhone 5 and iPad mini Only)

Just getting word now that Apple has pushed out an update to iOS 6 that is supposed to fix WiFi issues.

Just read on The Loop that iOS 6.0.2 is out—we’ll update asap.

This is what the update says when checking through iTunes:

iOS 6.0.2 Software Update

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

•  Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi

There is also a link to security updates, but I would gather that WiFi fixes are more interesting to most of us.

What is more interesting is that Apple pushed iOS 6.0.2 out now rather than wait for iOS 6.1 (which was just updated to beta 4 yesterday). Unless iOS 6.1 isn’t coming before the holiday break, in which case Apple would want to squash a bug in iOS that might (actually does) lead to frustration using all those brand new iPads and iPhones people are getting this season.

Also worth noting that when I tried to check for over the air for the update on my iPad mini and iPhone, the check failed so I’m going old school and updating through iTunes. How retro. Let us know how it goes.

Update 1:

It looks like this update is just for the iPad mini and iPhone 5, I’ll check my other iOS devices just for kicks and giggles after my iPhone is done rebooting.

Update 2:

Direct Download links:

You can also download iOS 6.0.2 using the direct download links available in our iOS download pages:

Update 3:

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team has warned iPhone 5 and iPad mini users instersted in jailbreaking their iOS device to avoid upgrading to iOS 6.0.2.

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    That’s just another upgrade from apple to keep the dev team behind so that no untether jailbreak can be available. It’s just something to be expected from apple. Just like the ios 4.3.5 that was hard to jailbreak.

  • Jim, Jack, & Johnny

    Any concerns yet about updating from dev team?

    • iPhoneHacks

      It’s advisable to avoid upgrading to the latest version until the jailbreak tools for that version are released.

      • Sebastian Rasch

        It actually doesn’t matter that much if you go to 6.0.2 or not since dev team allegedly is going to skip that version anyway and only bringing a jailbreak for 6.1.

  • Rounak Jain

    Getting a connection error for OTA

    • Tris Hussey

      That seems to be everyone’s experience. No OTA right now.

  • Enigma

    OTA is working now

  • Aiden


    Excellent work on the iPhonehacks blog, I’m a massive fan. Just wanted to know if you’d do a write up (as I’ve not seen one and I’m sure people would need to know) about how ‘deleted’ text / iMessages aren’t really ‘deleted’ at all and can easily been seen on anyone’s iPhone via the spotlight feature. Just delete a text then swipe left on home screen to caress the search bar and search for the contents of the deleted text and you’ll find it.

    Cheers mate. Massive fan and avid jailbreaker,

    Aiden Howarth
    Software Engineer
    Wakefield, UK
    iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1

  • Aiden

    Also do a write up on how it autocorrects ‘access’ to ‘caress’ lol

  • Xeusman

    When jailbreak of v6.0.1 (fully untredtned) will out ????

    • iPhoneHacks

      There is no news about a jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1. We’ll let you know as soon as we get an update.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Did somebody actually TRY to use the current jailbreak with 6.0.2? Maybe still working?

  • Andrew

    That’s a good sign that they said not to update.

  • CL

    So, should I update to 6.0.1 or should I stay on 6.0?

  • iPhoneHacks

    Yeah, it’s always safe to update a factory unlocked iPhone, unless you want to jailbreak as it is always advisable to avoid upgrading to the latest version.

  • Adam Werner

    Have 2 iPhone 5’s and an iPad mini and still have MASSIVE connectivity issues with new iOS. Would btw appreciate if there was any possible fix.

  • Bruce Hoag

    I download ios 6.0.2 this morning, and now the iphone 4 doesn’t work at all! When I turn it on, I get a “pretty” picture of a USB cable pointing toward the iTunes symbol. The only way to make it stop is to turn the phone off.

    When i turn it back on, there’s that picture again.

    Any ideas?