Here’s What’s New in iOS 6.1 Beta 3

iOS 6.1

Apple seeded developers of its iOS Developer Program with iOS 6.1 beta 3 yesterday.

Before you get excited, we must warn you that there hasn’t been any major changes or improvements that have been identified in the latest beta version. According to Funguin of Imagine a World who has done a stellar job in compiling the changes, beta 3 seems like a bug fix release. But he notes that it feels more stable and snappy.

So here’s what’s new in iOS 6.1 beta 3:

Reset Advertising Identifier:

Apple had added the Reset Advertising Identifier button in the second beta version of iOS 6.1. This button resets the Advertising Identifier so that future requests will return a different value.

Apple seems to have fixed the button in iOS 6.1 beta 3, tapping on the button prompts you to either reset or cancel the request and is now working. In iOS 6.1 beta 2, it didn’t do anything.

Voice Dial Only:

Apple has added a new section called “Voice Dial Only” for Voice Control feature for older iOS devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. Here, users will be able to select the language for the Voice Dial feature. It’s quite strange that Apple decided to update the Voice Control feature, especially since Siri has been around for more than a year now.

Passbook Sample Card:

In iOS 6.1 beta 2, Apple updated the Passbook app with a new welcome screen. Apple seems to have tweaked the text in beta 3 to reflect user’s location. It now reads “movie tickets” if you’re in the US and “cinema tickets” if you’re in the UK and so on.

Updated Passbook app welcome screen on the right

iCloud Settings:

You’re now asked to confirm your Apple ID password for FaceTime and iMessages when starting your device for the first time after installation. Funguin of ImageWorld reports:

It asks you to confirm how people can reach you and tells you that you can change these settings at any time.

Toggle for iTunes:

The toggle for iTunes under Use Mobile Data (Settings -> General -> Cellular) is back in this beta. It had gone missing in the previous beta versions of iOS 6.1.


The following features were discovered in the previous beta versions of iOS 6.1:

Release Date:

So one of the most frequently asked question is: When will Apple release iOS 6.1 to the public. The expiry for iOS 6.1 beta 3 is December 28th (thanks iH8sn0w!), the same as iOS 6.1 beta 2. Frankly, it is anybody’s guess, but we expect Apple to release it after the holidays, possible in the first or second week of January.

As you can see, disappointingly there is still no clues of any major feature coming in iOS 6.1. So are you really looking forward to iOS 6.1? Tell us in the comments below.


Post updated with features discovered in previous beta versions of iOS 6.1.

Via: Imagine a World

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