FlashArmyKnife With Hidden Tethering Feature Briefly Sneaks Into the App Store [Updated]

flasharmyknifeApple’s built-in tethering feature requires the consent of your carrier, and if you’re on a network like AT&T, you’ll have to purchase a separate tethering plan to share your 3G/4G connection with your Mac or PC. FlashArmyKnife, a new app by Eric Blase, has a hidden tethering feature that allows you to by pass carrier restrictions and share your iPhone or iPad’s 3G/4G connection.

There have been many apps with a hidden tethering feature that have snuck into the App Store, and later taken down by Apple’s review team. So grab this one as soon as you can. There’s a likelihood that this app might last longer than other tethering apps on the App Store, since Apple’s review team is taking a holiday break till the 28th of this month.

The app costs $1.99 and along with the hidden tethering feature also has:

- Flashlight with Adjustable brightness
– Built-In web browser with bookmarks
– Fully functional trigonometry calculator
– Satellite view map
– Currency Converter
– Compass
– Battery Indicator

Here’s a demo of how tethering mode can be activated. Note that a Mac or PC is essential for the tethering setup:

You can purchase the app for $1.99 from the App Store.


FlashArmyKnife has been removed from the App Store.

Via: iDownloadBlog

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Bradshaw.Neil Neil Bradshaw

    Nothing on either US or UK app stores.

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      You tried visiting the link? It’s working for me even now

    • Bandrax

      I was able to download from us iTunes Store. Search for the app and not use the link. Still need to get it to work.

    • bemental

      Link in the post worked for me as well. Otherwise try Bandrax’s advice and search manually.

  • Andrew

    it’s there & works

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=731328331 Jason Hsiao

    how does this work on pc?

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      you create an ad-hoc wifi network on your PC, and the app shares your phone’s connection through that network

  • Macsimos

    It’s definitely available on the App Store for USA. I just clicked the link in the post and was redirected to the app.

    • Macsimos

      @ Iphone Hacks: Can you post a step-by-step guide to enable tethering with the app so everyone doesn’t have to watch the video several times or rewind over and over to follow the instructions?

      • bemental

        ON PHONE: in the app’s calculator mode enter
        1642 M+ C
        1452 M+ C
        1943 M+

        Create a computer-computer network (ad-hoc)

        ON PHONE
        Join ad-hoc network
        Visit any website in the app’s browser
        Go to wireless settings on phone, click on ad-hoc network and note the IP address assigned to the phone

        Go to network wi-fi settings, proxies
        Create a web proxy with IP address from phone, port 6667
        Create a SOCKS proxy with IP address from phone, port 6668

        ON PHONE: in the app’s calculator mode enter
        1642 M+ C
        1452 M+ C
        1943 M+

        Stipulations: you must have the app’s calculator mode open for the tethered connection to stay live. If you exit the app or lock your phone the connection drops. Plus side to this is that as soon as you go back to the app the connection goes live again.

  • les

    does tethering means that i will still consume my data on iphone? just share it on Pc?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Yes, you will be consuming your iPhone’s data while surfing on your PC.

      • les

        i see, i hope theres a guide for Windows users too :) thanks!

  • DannyGGG

    Anyone know how likely it is that AT&T can discover this is being used? The tethering app PDANet had an option that hid tethering somehow.

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      As long as you don’t exceed the data limits, you should be fine.

      • Bandrax

        How about unlimited plan?

        • bemental

          See my post above, but similar. Only time I’ve been flagged on my unlimited AT&T plan is when I went well above my average/plan limits (I spiked above 5GB when I usually am under 3GB).

  • http://www.facebook.com/louis.matz Louis Matz

    Guessing this won’t work on tethering a wifi only ipad to the iPhone? or am I wrong?

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      A Mac or a PC is essential for the entire setup to work

      • JCT

        tricky but should be doable on a jailbroken ipad

        • JCT

          actually to put more info it is doable but would need a 3rd device that would produce the wifi network like a portable router which do exist

  • http://twitter.com/Stylus225 Stylus225

    How do you use it with an ipad?

  • Acoaxet

    I got this to work on Macbook. Can it work on an Ipad

  • Jjmo

    “Please contact Itunes support to complete this transaction”


    • bemental

      I just bought it an hour ago and it worked for me.

  • Brack

    Can someone show how to do this with a windows pc

  • http://twitter.com/casemorrow Casey Morrow

    So do you have to have your phone hooked up to the computer or can it be wireless? And second, can it be done with an ipad. I’m dying for a way to use my mobile hotspot on my iPhone 5. I have unlimited data on with verizon and don’t wanna lose it.

    • Jubeisan

      I would like to use my 5 as a hotspot occasionally as well.

    • bemental

      Phone doesn’t need to be hooked up with a cable or anything to use, although I would suggest that you do (if only to keep the phone from battery from draining).

      You also need to keep the FlashArmyKnife app open for the connection to stay live. Doesn’t work for me backgrounded or with the phone locked (screen off).

      While you must currently use the computer as an intermediary, I’ll try connecting another device (like an iPad) to the ad-hoc network created by the computer to see if we can’t share it.

      Finally, there’s no information for what port the device uses for https connections so as of now we can’t browse secure websites via this hack.

      • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

        tried entering the same port?

        • bemental

          Tried a few at random as well as the same for http and SOCKS with no luck.

  • Mark Evans

    I purchased the app at 10:40 am EST from the US App Store, and configured it and my MacBook Pro. However, I got an error in the MBP’s browser: “the proxy server is rejecting connections”. Since other had success, I assume the proxy server was overwhelmed — whatever its limits are — and either manually or automatically set to reject packets from this source. Is anyone else having success?

    • bemental

      I believe the proxy server in question is merely the app on your phone, not an external server accepting connections. From my limited perspective the connection is still from:

      Laptop Tethered –> iPhone –> Wireless Carrier’s Servers

      Might be an error in your setup?

  • Jubeisan

    My question is will it tether to iPad or is it Mac/PC only???

  • Eddie G

    important FYI…. I used to use tethering apps on my att iphone 4S and ATT found out and said they will automatically take away my unlimited plan and add put me on a tethering plan if i didnt cut it out….they said it had nothing to do with the amount of internet i was using but that they could actually tell that i was tethering…has this happened to anyone else?

    • bemental

      I had a run-in with AT&T like this as well in the past using a jailbroken iPhone 4S. The app I was using didn’t take any precautions to hide that I was tethering.

      This is a sticky situation because we still don’t know EXACTLY how AT&T discovers that we’re tethering. Some say you can sniff the packets to determine it, others say that AT&T uses bandwidth usage to determine and merely blankets customers who go above X% or XGB in a billing cycle.

      When I got the notice I called AT&T and they told me that they flagged my account due to a spike in data usage. I faked the funk and told the REP that I had no idea what tethering was and she gave me a very similar answer as posted in this AT&T forum: http://forums.att.com/t5/Apple-Community-Discussion/Definition-of-Tethering/td-p/2765195

      AT&T considers tethering to be any means utilized to connect your phone to another device (Bluetooth, USB, even a headphone cable to your car stereo).

      Either way this is merely a stopgap for me to use until the iPhone 5 is jailbroken. I’m tired of carrying around an extra device on a previous version of iOS and swapping SIM cards when I need to tether (I know, oh my 1st World Problems).

  • Bandrax

    If someone can help me to enable on Win8 PC? I read a review on youtube that he was able to get to work on PC… not sure if anyone was able to get it work on PCs.

    iPhonehacks can you please post a detailed process to enable on PC.. as the video mentions for Mac! Thank you very much

    • bemental

      Haven’t used a Windows box in years, but I’m sure the process is very similar.

      Create the ad-hoc network, join it with the phone, add custom proxy settings with associated ports on the Windows machine and you should be all set.

  • mkimid

    This is useful, but, it is too complicated and so many limitation. I hope we can have a jailbreak for iOS6 with iphone 5 soon.

  • Ridgecrest

    It worked for about 5 min then connection would not work. Any suggestions?

  • Tidepride

    I wish I had known this wasn’t a full tethering app before I waisted my time with this. It won’t work on anything but a Mac or PC! That just sucks!

  • Rcas

    No longer availible

  • Zhiki

    Misleading. I thought that it will allow me to tether with my iPad so I rushed and bought it. Then, I watched the video and realized the truth. I am a PC wiz and found it radically complicated even to tether with a PC. So, If you are looking forward to tether your iPad, this is not the solution. we have to sit tight and wait for the JB if it ever happens.

  • Iphoneuser23

    As of now, this app is no longer available for download in the US (although it does appear on the App Store).

  • Guid0

    Cant get this to work at all. Are there any proviso’s as regards what network you’re on? I’m using O2 in the UK & have carefully followed the steps several times with no joy.

  • Mike

    Does t works

  • Ben

    I accidently deleted my app off of iTunes. can someone send me the ipa? or does that even work?

  • beer

    i got flasharmyknife to my i5 6.1.4 using pp25 for free apps. however i cant connect to my pc’s adhoc network from the i5. it just says unable to join….. any help ?