How Well Do iPad Batteries Compare to Other Tablets? iPads Smoke the Competition


Apple prides itself on releasing devices that have great battery life. Both the iPad 4 and iPad mini claim 10 hour battery life in regular use. So, how does that stack up against other tablets? It smokes them.

UK Tech pub Which? ran real-life battery tests on 10 in and 7 in tablets to see which one would come out on top. They even made sure to set the screens to 200 nits with a light meter (if you’re wondering what a nit is—and not something to do with head lice—here’s the answer for you) so a tablet with screen dimming tech wouldn’t skew the results. How did Apple fair in the tests? Well, not only did both the iPad 4 and iPad mini win their classes, they both achieved more than 10 hours of use (both got in the range of 13 hours). Here are the charts:

Tablets battery 10in rev 550x340
Tablets battery 7in 550x340

So the iPad 4’s closest competitor was the iPad 2, and then the rest of the pack in the 8 hour range (so 5 hours less), the iPad mini beat the Kindle fire by three hours. Which means that a long flight or a day out…well both iPad models have you covered.

As I mentioned in my iPad mini review I’ve been really impressed with the battery life of the iPad mini and I can say the same for the iPad 4. Sure, you can drain either device quickly if you try. I have my iPad mini screen a touch too bright and streaming music from it all day (like 5 hours) has drawn it down to 19% battery as I’m writing this (I also have Bluetooth off). I don’t have anything to complain about there, do I?

The next test will be how long iPad batteries can maintain that edge. We all know that batteries don’t last forever, it would be interesting to see a re-test a year down the road of all these devices.

How do these test match with your experiences? Do your iPad batteries last all day?


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