Cellular Variants of iPad mini and iPad 4 Get China Network License

ipad china Apple has received a permit to start selling cellular variants of the iPad mini and the iPad 4 in China from the country’s telecom regulatory body, indicative of an impending launch of the two devices in the region. The Wi-Fi only version of the two devices went on sale earlier this month, followed by the iPhone 5.

The licenses were granted to iPad model numbers A1455 and A1460, which, as per Apple’s site, correspond to the Wi-Fi+Cellular versions of the iPad mini and the iPad 4 respectively. They permit the devices to run on China Unicom’s WDCDMA and China Telecom’s CDMA2000 networks.

Although Apple didn’t release Chinese iPad sales figures, it did note that the iPhone 5 saw an extraordinary demand in the first few days of launch, selling more than two million units in the region. Analysts also observed that following Apple’s iPad trademark settlement with Proview, shipments to the region nearly doubled.

Via: Techweb, The Next Web


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