Telus, Rogers, Bell And Virgin Offering the iPhone 5 For $79 In Canada


Canadian carriers Telus, Rogers, Bell and Virgin are all offering the iPhone 5 at a discounted price of $79 for the 16GB version of the device, along with a three year contract. The standard price for a 16GB iPhone 5 on a three year contract in Canada is $179.

This drop in price follows a similar discount offered by US retailers like Walmart and Fry’s.

The discount also extends to higher capacity models of the iPhone 5, with the 32GB version selling for $179 and the 64GB version selling for $279, with a three year contract.

While Telus’ website reflects the discounted prices for all models, Rogers’ website seems to be displaying the discounted price for the 16GB version only, with the 32GB and 64GB versions listed for $279 and $379 respectively. Bell’s website lists all variations of the iPhone 5 at the standard pricing, starting at $179, but says that buyers can get $100 in-store credit. Virgin Mobile’s website, meanwhile, doesn’t show any discounted prices nor does it say anything about in-store credit.

So how do we know that Bell and Virgin are also selling the iPhone 5 at a discount?

Best Buy Canada’s website has iPhones on all four carriers starting at $79 for the 16GB version, $179 for the 32GB version and $279 for the 64GB version.

Thanks @pearljamaaron!