iPhone 5 Shipping Estimates Begin To Drop To Just 2-4 Days

The shipping estimates for the iPhone 5 continue to improve on Apple’s Online Store.

After dropping to just 1 week last week, shipping estimates have now dropped to just 2 to 4 business days on Apple’s Online Store in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The estimated shipping times in the U.S., Canada and Europe is still 1 week currently, but we expect this to drop to 2 to 4 business days later today.

The shipping estimates for Apple’s iPhone 5 had slipped to 3 to 4 weeks immediately after it went on sale in September, but the supplies have been improving in November, as the shipping estimates first dropped to two to three weeks, two weeks and just one week last week.

Apple retail stores  have also seen a significant improvement in iPhone 5 supply in November.

Thanks Stan for the tip!

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