Is it Time to Face Facts and Admit That Jailbreaking is Dead?

This is a more than ironic post for this site, but even as someone who only watched the jailbreaking scene from the periphery, I can see jailbreaking isn’t what it used to be. Maybe jailbreaking is going to fade into an even-more niche activity than it already is. I read Jeff Benjamin’s reason’s why jailbreaking is waning in popularity, and thought I’d share there here as well.

Over at iDownload blog, Jeff gives three compelling reasons why jailbreaking is waning (which I think is just a polite way of saying “dead”):

  1. People have upgraded to newer hardware
  2. Apple is adding popular jailbreak features to iOS
  3. The community isn’t producing new tweaks and apps that are worth using.

Now, I can’t speak to point 3, but points 1 and 2, well those are bang on.

We know that the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and Apple TV have not jailbreaks available for them (running iOS 6), in fact I’d say that Kristin Paget coming to Apple could seal the fate of loopholes, gaps, holes, and any other tweak needed to make jailbreaking possible. Apple is intent on locking things down—and it looks like they are succeeding.

Then there is the software side. If you wanted you iPhone to be a WiFi hotspot or sync wirelessly with iTunes or have notifications that made sense and worked, you needed to jailbreak. Now, nope, those are part of iOS. Heck, I figure Apple is looking at all the best jailbreak tweaks as to do list items to add to iOS in the future. Sure, not all will make it (like as much as I hope that I can change the default browser or mail app, I doubt we’ll ever see it happen), but we’ve seen them added before and well see them again. Maybe not in iOS 6.1, but certainly in iOS 7 and beyond.

Maybe it’s time to just face facts, as jailbreakable devices get older and are replaced (or just plain wear out), jailbreaking might just fade away as well.

Do you think jailbreaking has a real future or are we counting down until it’s just gone completely?

Photo from Flickr by Adria Richards.

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  • DeadBeefCafe

    Apple has peaked. Android is more fun.

    • BoatBoy

      Windows 8 phone, here I come.

      • Varuzh Shakbazyan

        You won’t be sorry, go with the Lumia 920. Cheaper than Iphone and Android. With more memory.

    • slick

      really more fun? can u give some basic examples?

      games and tweaks ios still has more though right?

      • Kraken

        On IOS, everything is a chore. I spent more time fighting with my iPhone 4 than I did actually using it. Want to upload a single song? iTunes is going to spend an hour recopying my music library, a few more hours removing silence, and then is going to sync things randomly after spending overnight trying to backup and sync apps I’ve purposefully uninstalled. And then the music is uploaded in a poorly organized jumble, and Apple blocks any music apps that might be better.

        Want to attach a file to an email? Better jailbreak and hope you installed the right tweak. Flash support? Ad-blocking? Terminal access? Choice of web browsers? Save data and file management? Support for music formats like FLAC? The ability to use third-party carriers (like straight talk) without spending hours doing stupid SIM swaps to access menus Apple hid for no reason? Needing to use third party programs to create ringtones and then needing to break the DRM on ringtones I CREATED when I try to install them on another device?

        After switching to Android I realized just how much time I wasted jumping through Apple’s hoops, or trying to jailbreak for basic functionality.

  • Luigi

    with these lame and slugish hackers of corse its gonna die, back in the day’s of geohot or comex, they didnt need to go to stupid conferences in citys and talk a day or two about crap and deliver absolutly no news about jailbreacking…. seriously that’s just sick, what the heck are they doing? people might say” oh they dont have to prove anything bla bla bla” then why do they get all cooky posting on twitter photos of the new devices jailbroken and then spend mounths not saying anything about it….. all I see is just smoke and no action… it’s sad I’ve checking 3 or 4 websites twice everday to see what’s going on and nothing….. so disapointing… I cant even change my damm sms backroung or the color of my keyboard, or my setting’s menu……
    these so called hackers obviously have not lived up to this extremly cool jailbreak community…

    • BoatBoy

      It is not the hackers fault that Apple will do whatever they can to kill freedom. Apple has thousands of people to keep us from jail breaking and we have, what 5-10 people able to break it? When will you stop holding the people responsible for trying to give you freedom for big brothers will to keep you repressed? Remember the people trying to jailbreak IOS are doing this for free. Apple is doing it for profit!

      • Justin

        I agree. Its easy to bash the jailbreakers for not doing enough, and look the apple like there doing their job and we cnat say anything.. eh we are just so damned conditioned to even think and assume a certain way… Maybe a revolution in the hacking world will come soon, Heck if that chick is in there, why doesnt she just make a sweet loop hole for us hackers? Has she REALLY gone that far to the dark side? MONEY MONEY MONEY!

      • Luigi

        dude what bout the thousands of donations that they get from the jailbreak comunity? who do you think that pays for them conferences and trips to there little mettings??? let’s not kid our selfs… it’s defently not for free….. and dont get me wrong, people should continue to donate but they to show results, not just post pictures on the web with something that they no clue how the got there, just because they have developers accounts and have acess to IOS things that we dont….

        • val

          “Thousands of donations”? Seriously? You really think that they get thousands of dollars?

          You do know that they have to first FIND an exploit right? Compiling, polishing, and delivering the jailbreak is the easy part. Find all of the loopholes that they need is the hardest.

          They keep exploits secret so that they can use that to find the NEXT exploit before people like you start complaining. As soon as they use one, it is worthless. Keeping a few hidden allows for them to be able to dump the bootrom and look for more.

          These guys spend HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of hours to do this FOR FREE on their own time for you and you complain. Talk about ungrateful. Go pick up a book and start finding these exploits yourself or shut up and let them work.

    • coios

      im with you on this Luigi. the only reason jailbreaking is dying, if it is dying, is beacause of the hackers letting it die. i mean come on its been months since the iphone 5´s been realeased, years with the iphone 4s and still they are not jailbreakable because of Ios 6 and the new chip. the hackers are so quick with tweets of their jailbrokin iphones, but the community is waiting for ever. i mean the guy WHO made cydia available, where is he in all this? he´s just relaxing and making Money. seriously those people WHO know how to hack should program a new “cydia” and charge a one time fee of 10usd and 5usd for every new iphone jailbreak, i would gladly pay. Money can motivate everybody and it will do the same for the hackers. but seriously dont let us wait this long!

      • val

        Relaxing and making money? He probably makes enough to cover the cost of all of the servers that HE HOSTS for everyone that uses cydia.

        You get everything for free now and you still complain. If they charged money, you would complain that much more. These jailbreaks have to be found.

  • Taddeusz

    Since AT&T is now unlocking out of contract iPhones a lot of the necessity for jail breaking has been eliminated.

  • Ed

    All i want for Xmas is a iphone 5 Jailbreak ….please

  • sidenine

    As long as Apple keeps trying to lock down their OS and prevent people from tinkering with it, there will always be a jailbreaking scene. I cannot stand the philosophy that Apple has in not allowing its customers to do what they want with their owned hardware.

    They already void your warranty if you jailbreak, so it’s not an issue of support. It’s really that they have now built an entire ecosystem around the App Store, and it’s their lifeblood. It’s why they can now rest a bit on their laurels and not feel compelled to chase phones like the Galaxy S3 (which has surpassed the iPhone in many ways). They have years of people who have invested in apps via the App Store, and don’t want to reinvest in the Google Play store. Many people jailbreak to install unsigned apps, and Apple doesn’t want to lose money on their cash cow App Store.

    As a user who has spent considerable time with both Android and iOS, I prefer the iOS ecosystem, but only if I can jailbreak. Even Android was lame until I rooted it and installed a custom ROM. Jailbreaking lets you use your device in cool ways that Apple doesn’t always think of, or want you to do. I like to make my own choices, not have Apple tell me what to do.

    • BoatBoy

      One very interesting item in this article is “Heck, I figure Apple is looking at all the best jailbreak tweaks as to do list items to add to iOS in the future.” Now how is Apple going to steel these GREAT ideas/modifications once people are not able to invent them for IOS? have have them tested by thousands of high end users?

      What a shame it is that Apple knows what is best for us and will spend time and money making sure we only get what they want us to have.

      • BoatBoy

        I was just rereading my post and noticed 2 things, My use of “have have”; it should have read “And have”.

        The second item was an old commercial Apple did blasting Microsoft as the big bad company. It was in 1984 introduced the Macintosh personal computer for the first time. In the commercial, the heroine
        to represent the coming of the Macintosh as a means of saving humanity from “conformity” and to offer the people a better choice and freedom. Now that Apple is big brother (IBM is gone), I guess locking down the machine and only letting the people do what Apple thinks is appropriateis now the right thing to do. It is nice to be king and be able to make the rules.

      • Tris Hussey

        I think they are watching, and hiring…find the smart people and bring them into Apple.

        • Naq Vaun

          Or they sue them until a court makes it illegal to touch a computer. Or they deny your App Store program because they’re planning a similar feature for next year.

    • me

      Your 5 minutes are up, get off the stage! If, it takes you all night to sync your iPhone get rid of your i386.

  • marduk191

    Agreed. The hackers working in the scene these days are more worried about conferences and bragging about “things they have, but don’t plan to release”. It was a lot better when we had independent players in the scene. It’s almost an exclusive group that would rather play like an internet celebrity than to actually do a proper release on time these days. Android is more friendly to the crowd that would be jailbreaking iDevices and it is taking a lot of ground.

  • Byron Swift

    I think hackers are tired of the cat and mouse game with Apple. Why play that game when you can switch to Android and have so much more. Pre Jellybean Android sucked, since the last update it’s almost polished as IOS. Now that Android just super beef up there specs their phones are faster. Look at the Droid DNA and Note 2

    • JamesFromPA

      Actually, the cat and mouse game with Apple is precisely why these guys continue to jailbreak. Musclenerd was specifically asked that question at Defcon and gave an answer right along those lines.

      • JamesFromPA

        P.S. Hackers of all sorts LOVE cat and mouse games.

  • sad person


  • benson@spore

    without jailbreak,the phone is useless

    • genXhippie

      My thoughts exactly, except for the app store, of course. ;)

  • untzuntz

    i really dont think jailbreaking is going to die anytime soon. there are still many features on cydia that Apple does not provide in iOS. i dont want to use an iPhone if isnt jailbreakable. if the iPhone 5 doesnt get a jailbreak by the time the next iPhone comes out, is when ill start worrying and looking to android. i do own a touchpad running CM9 and its pretty decent. but i definitely would prefer iOS over android.

    • moe22

      you said it. apple is out for me if there is no jailbreak. its pretty much useless then.

      • Not Moe

        yea because its not like its a phone with the largest app market in the world without jailbreaking

        • Steve

          In which 300,000 of those apps are fart apps, Cydia fixes everything

  • alsaegh

    this just making me thinking of shifting to samsung :(

    • NOT A FOOL

      Not only samsung, just shift the f*ck out of stupid apple products!!! :)

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        Trolling, trolling, trolling.

        Droider douches trolling!

        • NOT A FOOL

          FYI, I’m an iPhone and iPad user and I never own any Samsung product to date…
          Care to read my previous comment in reply to yours above? :)

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            I did read it, but READ your reply here “… shift the f*ck out of stupid apple products…” Being ON an Apple-favoring website, you HAVE to see where that comes across as nothing more than trolling for a dispute.

            If you’re an iDevice user, why would you suggest others stay away from them? Give us examples and valid reasons, not just an inflammatory post with no appreciable value other than to piss “us” off.

            As my wife would tell our daughter, “Use your big girl words!”

  • Slavek Dob

    my iphone 5 is very borring without cydia i used winterboard to change icons, used barrel for diffrent icon movment, always took out the lockscreen clock for a better wallpaper view, then u got free apps i miss all of that

  • ryanleeis

    I want jailbreak just for customization and MyWi.. and yes I know there is a hotspot in iOS but it times out and it’s a pain to change the hotspot name if I want to customize

  • Andrew

    I really hope not. Jail breaking offers so much more than just being able to have wifi hotspot or sync wirelessly. Like being able to fully customize your device. From themes to custom notifications with options like quick reply. Being able to theme all ur system sounds. Jail breaking allows you to free your device. I really hope it’s not dead or ill have to go back to android.

  • Jim C

    Why would I still jailbreak? To unleash my phone from the controls of Apple and modify how I want and install apps that they won’t allow. Simple.

  • Kiwiholden


  • Maxtor

    I don’t understand why people hang off the nuts of the galaxy s3. Just over a month ago, my iPhone 4S went through the wash. I tried to to get an iPhone 5 but they were outta stock. I had tried a bunch of android devices in stores and wasn’t impressed but I thought screw it, I’ll get the galaxy s3. Can’t knock it til you try it, and the s3 is the flagship device. I had it 3 agonizing weeks before I through it at a concrete wall. Bought an iPhone 5 the next day. I’ll never give android another chance. Google is just the Microsoft of the mobile world. Cheap crap. And to anyone who brags about Samsung specs, they have to have double the hardware to run half the speed of an iOS device

    • NOT A FOOL

      Another APPLE FOOL…

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        Right, because reselling personal experience with an Android device is COMPLETELY foolish.

        Get a life. Or better yet, find a different website to troll.

        • NOT A FOOL

          I was not trolling. If I’m one, I won’t be visiting here. For your info, I have the latest phone and pads from apple.
          I just hate people critising others’ product foolishly and without substance with his own subjective view.
          Agonizing weeks, threw it at concrete wall, double the hardware to run half the speed….bla bla bla…
          Anyway, your way of comment has just earned my respect.

          • Zangpakto

            Well you do realise the chips ARM architecture while similar was actually modified by apple right?

            Unless you’ve repaired and destroyed the chips to see inside, your going to assume like the rest of population that it is just the standard chips contained.

            If your not a techie or what, then don’t moan..

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            Do you REALLY expect the general public to offer completely objective views of consumer electronics designed and marketed to all but DEMAND you choose a side in the war? Sure, there are those select few who don’t form an attachment to Android or iOS, but GENERALLY, when somebody tries both, one of them is going to become their “favorite”.

            It’s human nature, honestly. We don’t like to be on the fence about things. We like picking sides. Think about it: iOS vs Android, OSx vs Windows, Coke vs Pepsi, McDonalds vs Burger King vs Wendys vs Subway vs Chick Fil A… Okay, well maybe that last one isn’t so cut and dry, but the others, almost everybody (ALMOST!) has their choice.

            I do also agree with his “Android = Windows” statement, as I have said for a LONG time that Android is going for quantity, while Apple is going for quality, just like Windows vs Macintosh back in the 80’s-today. Early windows was JUNK, but they slapped that onto EVERY COMPUTER YOU COULD BUY, and eventually, it took over the world. People didn’t know any better. If you went into any store, looked in any catalog, and shopped anywhere online, Windows was pretty much ALL you could get. It pushed Mac to the verge of extinction, and pretty much all other OSes became “niche” systems with small, but passionate, followings.

            Luckily, iOS had a HUGE market share before Android began offering itself as an alternative.

            Anyway, I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but regardless, there’s nothing wrong with choosing sides. And of course, we all WANT to have made the “right” choice, so we tend to defend out decisions. In this connected world in which we live, it’s VERY easy to find somebody who is on the “other side” and BOOM! You get this! LOL!

    • Varuzh Shakbazyan

      Why not give Windows phone a shot? I bought a Nokia Lumia 920 and I’m in love with it. It’s got a beautiful and elegant OS that makes IOS look cartoonish and like a fisher price toy.

    • xyz

      So, what went wrong with the s3? You just said that you suffered 3 agonizing weeks before getting rid of it.

    • Alan Leggoman

      Im kind of in the same boat. Iv a ip4s, thinking of getting ip5 but keep thinking about the samsung 4s? but I just hate the software on samsung phones.
      But the s4s looks nice big screen. faster? but really is it better than a IPHONE?

  • Yurkie

    There is a bunch of things I would like to install if my iPhone 5 was jailbroken but I do feel like its kind of dead because of the speed the jailbreaks are coming out these days.

  • Rem

    if iPhone 5 can’t be jailbroken then this is the last apple phone i’ll buy. Thast also goes for ipods and ipads. I’ve also thought about reactivating my iPhone 4.

  • iamtheonejebus

    SBsettings is the only reason to Jailbreak, who wants to be in their settings all day? I don’t. Bring on the Jailbreak for the IPhone 5 I’m ready for it.
    **sips coffee** :)

    • NOT A FOOL

      Without SBsettings, stupid apple products are just pieces of beautiful craps!!!

  • Justin

    I Think the reason for this type of Hacking fading is multifaceted. I think it is partly due to new technology being available to do the same things but even more easily (androids) and obviously like you stated that its becoming more difficult with people like Kirsten getting hired. but i think it also shows a lot about the tech age as its gotten older, younger people know less and less about our devices and are not taking tweaking and hackin into their own hands. people are sitting around waiting for someone to pour out a tweak, while the ones who are creating the tweaks are off getting jobs in the real world with there skills

  • barondebxl

    I dont want to troll but its because even jailbreaking is limited in IOS. If you really wanna have fun, then you root your android device, and have full control of it.

  • Drusenija

    You have to remember too that even though a lot of the recent jailbreak news has been around possible exploits that haven’t been released, that’s probably a good thing. Everyone here complains when devs demo working jailbreaks and then don’t release them, but let’s be honest, a lot of the people who jailbreak struggle putting the phone into DFU mode (I remember when Geohot’s blackra1n exploit was released which was as simple as pushing a button that people still struggled with it). Do you really want these people releasing a jailbreak that has several steps to it that could mess up your phone if not done correctly?

    Interestingly enough, I haven’t been jailbroken for several months now (I’ve got an iPhone 4, specifically got it over the 4S for the hardware based jailbreak, even though its tethered), mainly because I need to be stock for my work email client which does jailbreak detection. And you know what? I’m not finding I miss it like I once did.

    The only time I’ve had reason to jailbreak in over a year was when I went to the UK recently and Vodafone didn’t have tethering available on their prepaid packages (seriously? You want to disable a feature that lets me use my set amount of data _quicker_, thereby encouraging me to spend more money with you?), so I installed MyWi for it instead.

    But other than that? Sure, I might miss SB/NC settings, and some of my lock screen tweaks, but I’m not finding compelling reasons to jailbreak these days. As a result, I’m about to upgrade to an iPhone 5, knowing full well there isn’t a jailbreak available, because I’m not worried about it anymore. The stock functionality is “good enough” for my day to day use.

  • Rounak Jain

    Here in India, a lot of folks jailbreak simply to pirate apps

    • Rounak Jain

      That said I believe the jb scene will continue to exist as long as apple exerts control over iOS. The sentiment of jb dying is primarily due to the lack of a jb for newer devices or an untethered jb for older ones

  • JackJohn

    Nah, i don’t think it’l die anytime soon…

  • filthyjason

    part of the problem I would see is that apple uses the innovations from jailbreakers & jailbreak app creators for their “innovations”. all sorts of features dating back to Clippie and others were provided by the jailbreak community long before apple recognized their importance and worked them into iOS. I bet if jailbreaking goes away or dies off, apple will be challenged to come up with ideas to really innovate the iOS. it’s sort of a co-dependence scenario.

    • Wow

      Apple will patent the improvements stolen from the original creators.

  • PleaseDont

    If i can’t jailbreak, what the hell am i suppose to do with apple then? Specialy in non-USA countries where everything isn’t available on the app store…like here for some unexplainable stupid moronic reason, you can’t download angry birds from the app store!! And everything is poop expencive since it needs to be converted from $ to what ever… DO NOT STOP MAKING JAILBREAKS!!


    if theres is no more jailbreak im getting a galaxy seriously jailbreaking its all about the iphone without it its just boring …….

  • DrDave

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the REAL reason for jailbreaking. Or maybe I missed it reading the comments. I jailbreak for control of my device. Without jailbreak, the usefulness of my iDevices would be significantly reduced. Let’s say that I shoot some pictures or a video with my Nikkon SLR camera and I want those pics on my iPad or iPhone. I don’t want some nanny app (iTunes) telling me what I can and cannot have or telling me how I have to organize my stuff. I will NEVER have Windows on any of my PCs and I don’t use a Mac. So how do I get my pics and videos on my iDevices? With a jailbroken device that’s easy — scp, ftp, or rsync. And that is how I do it. WIth a jailbroken device I can also organize my files the way *I* want them, in directories I create with my own names. I could go on, but this is the REAL reason for jailbreaking.

  • PimpDaddyWiteBoy

    ill go to Droid once i cant jailbreak anymore(if there isnt a jailbreak for the iP5 by next summer, im done with the iphone)

    • Janus

      i agree. i’ll be out of contract by june and i will be switching to samsung…

  • F**K YOU

    This is so funny how people always bag apple people bag android, really who cares about fiddling with the phone anyway, like did any one care about jail breaking a Nokia 6010? NO you don’t because you just used it the way nokia made it and that was it, people are soooooo I want i want, if I can’t do this than I buy this and hate the other brand! Come on people after all they are just a F*****g PHONE. Get a life.

    • VH

      You’re an idiot

  • Dalogan72

    Then I will not buy anymore another iPhone, iPad or whatever Apple may sell.

  • Bujeng

    jailbreak is freedom!!! Don’t loose hope. Heroes are born not made……. :’) just relax

  • Slick

    ios 6 is indeed taking some time like 4.3.5
    but i know all the geniuses out there are working hard
    We will be patient and very very thankful when the day comes …

    hey dev team I install too many tweaks i need to do restore so soon would be nice hahahah

  • Chewy Chang

    No jailbreak? I’m buying a s3 or htc DNA! I heard you can dl games and apps from third party sites and install it on your android free! I have bought every single iphone the first week it arrives, because of jb and installous! Well from 3GS- i5. I need a change anyways. Time for a new fab guys!

  • itsyaboy

    I just got my self a s3 because of this, it takes some getting used to but its well worth it for the freedom still have my iphone 5 just in case a jailbreak comes out between the 2 they both have thier pros and cons but I think that if apple picked up on the slack it would be better than android picking up and what I mean by thT is what each side is missing apple simplicity is what I miss at times and at times I feel thst the s3 is a headaick like to much going on maybe its just me but overall its a great phone and I said b4 its worth the freedom if jailbreak does die out I recommend the s3 give it sometime one more con I jusr rooted it and dont really know to do next iphone jailbreaking with cydia tweaks on a platter is much better I cant quite figure out how to tweak things just yet

    • Wow

      Holy run on sentences. Is your period button broken?

      • Slick

        in cyber space u dont need periods hahaha

        its is a little but hard to read

  • JLX

    if jailbreaking is dead,as much i we all love apple,it just doesnt compare with the samsung products,i actually hate the s2 and s3 but they really are better than the iphone 5,if apple break’s that comunity it’s gonna be over for them,lets face it steve jobs is gone they won’t be comming up with anithing special from now on

  • Tomtom

    Mewseek is more than enough reason to jailbreak – great app!

  • Sdd

    One tweak that has not been done properly so far is call recording what someone needs to do is connect the recording app that comes with the iphone to the phone app so people can record phone calls

  • ian

    Not to rub it in or anything. But i’m so happy with my iphone 4 jailbroken on 5.1.1 and fully unlocked. It makes me laugh all the people in such a rush to get the latest, greatest device and be on the latest IOS. IOS 6 as zero functions that i need. Let alone would ever use…

  • Richard Hoogenboom

    If a device allows you to install any app you want or make any type of customization you want, then there is no need to hack yourself in.

    The moment you are somehow constraint, there is someone who will hack himself in for some reason. Whether the JB scene will be large or small, is all driven by the additional functionally gained by JB-ing and how popular or needed that functionality is with every device owner.

  • iPhonedude

    I am a big apple and iOS fan but I can’t imagine my iphone will be without jailbreak
    If jailbreak is gone then I will be very sad to say that I will endorse android
    My friends. Will make a big fun out of me ;)

  • Ninfa

    I can’t believe that! I my jailbreak iphone 4 and i know at less 10 people with jailbreak phone waiting 4 this update. Please don’t uit guys!! We need you

  • Presidentzero

    Hey guys. is it possible to update ios 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 ? because i got an ipad 2 3g with 5.0.1, jailbreaked but i would like to update to 5.1.1 is that possible?

  • Sofi Michaelidou

    just by an android device and never look back,apple just like to jail people and devices.try an android phone and feel free. and is cheaper…

  • Macsimos

    Jailbreaking will only go away when hackers go away. As usual there are people complaining about having to wait for a jailbreak or trash talking the individuals that take their time to unleash the iPhones potential to is for free. For the trash talkers and complainers, maybe you should get to work and create a jailbreak… oh, that’s right you can’t which is why you are on this website being impatient and complaining. Luigi mentioned something about GeoHot and Comex not needing to go to conferences and such. If you watched the conference you would have heard GeoHot couldn’t complete a jailbreak without the Dream Team. You would have also caught that Comex’s jailbreak could have lead to security issues. I agree it would be nice to have GeoHot and Comex back in the game, but all these hackers work together to get the job done.

    Thank you hackers and keep up the good work you have been doing for the past few years. I will patiently wait for a new Jailbreak for my iPhone 5.

    • val

      ^^ This.
      Excellent points.

  • val

    BiteSMS for quick send/reply of text messages.
    SBSettings because I hate navigating through the menu just to flip on/off the wifi.
    FolderCloser – I forget I have this one because it works so well.
    Infinifolders because I want more than 12 items in a folder.

    These are the jailbreaks tweaks that I use hundreds of times a day. I couldn’t imagine having to go back to closing what I’m doing and opening the SMS app just to reply to a text. If these were baked in, then I could go without a jailbreak.

  • Mandingo

    If apple did an sbettings type app then I’d probably not bother jailbreaking.

  • LoganExplosion

    Until they allow emulators in the app store…

  • sure thing

    thats the reason why people are switching to android.iPhone works when its jailbroken. So Apple,think again if u wanna be in the top spot again.

  • Steven Sho

    The jailbreak features that I like to see aren’t incorporated into iOS yet. I like to controls music with hardware buttons as well as quickly launch my most used applications with gestures. (using Activator).

  • Adam Patterson

    The oy reason i have an iphone is because i can jailbreak it and then customize it. The day that no longer can happen is the day i stop buying it.

  • Farook

    Without jailbreak iPhone is useless

  • Lawliet

    Computer programmers, I have a question. I noticed that sometimes when I’m answering a text message from the lockscreen on my iPhone 5, it will randomly restart. Is there a chance at all that this might lead to some sort of hole that the Dev Team could use? And does it happen to anyone else?

    • Bass

      yes it is my dear, please send e-mail with the details to the dev team

  • Danny

    The only problem with Apple is that they don’t want to make an agreement with the devs. I don’t know why Apple still think that jailbreak IOS devices are bad, even though that many other people do it. But anyway.. Piracy might be the big REASON.

  • Blah

    The fact that Apple is making jailbreaking harder will be the main reason I’m going Android next time.

    Stock iOS is a joke. If they were paying any attention to the jailbreak scene the stupid weather icon wouldn’t show 73 degrees and sunny 24/7, it would actually show you the weather like mine…

  • tony

    jailbreaking is not going anywhere. that is all.

  • Jason Lee DeBias Sr.

    I can’t believe some of the tweaks that are available on cydia aren’t on the ios. for example, kill background and no spot. why wouldn’t apple have them in the ios as options? just saying. it seems like that should be an option from the get go for the ios system.especially kill background. who wants to sit there and close out every single app from the background switcher!!!! I know I hated that!! that’s why I love kill background!!!

  • ifonix

    as long as there no options as SBSetings and other options for fast and easy text editing and the option to personelize your iphone JB is neaded.

  • Pasha Boltenkov

    JAILBREAKING will never get old, because it will always be needed..
    At some point, probably in iOS 7 and beyond, when piracy will be eliminated on our iDevices and we will have to pay each cent for each thing that we will be using on our iDevices,
    Then, I’m sure that a new type of jailbreaks will be invented…
    The iDevice will never be complete without a jailbreak on it, we all know it ;)

  • EVH

    Well Tristran might not know much about Jailbreaking pre say, no surprise, but having iBlacklist on my iphone is fantastic as it ignores the telemarketing calls I get. XBMC on my ipad is fantastic allowing me to play MKV streams without any re-encoding. SSH allowing access to files to and from my devicies. Last but not least, the Jailbreak on the Apple TV makes it useful. Without a Jailbreak, Apple TV is pretty much useless. Without Jailbreaks, I have little use for my idevices.

  • Ross Rosen

    I upgrade my phone every year. So I can’t find the jailbreak for my phone useful any more.

  • James

    if they jailbroke the iPhone 5, I’d be back on board. I think the devs who jailbreak iOS are getting tired of it or Apple has actually sealed up any hole they could’ve gotten through. Sad state of affairs :/

  • Greggs

    Always said if I will stay with iPhone, so long as I can jailbreak it. I’ve been thinking this might be reality soon enough. I’m using hardware TWO GENERATIONS old just because of the jailbreak – how embarrassing! Apple will never allow developers a big enough sandbox (access to the phone in ways to make their apps fully usable). I could live with that, but with each firmware and hardware update they intentionally make it harder to use your device as you wish. The system as they have it set up just leaves you “wishing” they will add your favorite features to a future iOS. Not every user wants to use their device the exact same way.

  • idgold

    It’s dying because the jailbreak community has realized that android is way better…

  • carmanhere

    Any idea or reason why there is no Jailbreak for the iPhone 4s w/ 6 IOS? Maybe I should not have been so fast to jump to IOS 6.

  • Slick

    zephyr , swipe selection , activator

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Some here seem to rely too much on a Jailbreak. I used to break free my iPhones as well (still did on my old 3GS) but I realised by now that I don’t really need a Jailbreak. It adds some nice features, that’s all. It runs faster without one though.

    No reason to troll around saying Apple has peaked. It’s still a fantastic system (iPhone + iOS), even without Jailbreak.

  • DON


  • Jonathan Osamuki

    My first iPhone (1) was jailbroken by the time I purchased it. I am from Uganda. I had no idea what that meant. So naturally, the first thing when I bought this used phone was to erase and restore it to factory condition. We all know what happens there about. It took another three days and about $ 50 USD for a “professional” hacker to fix it. I vowed then never to do anything related to jail breaking. From my experience, really, it tantamounts to voluntarily going to jail. Because especially if you are a used phone owner, you are just stuck in a rot.

  • Phillip

    I’m an avid android user. Bought my first apple product, the new ipad 64gb wifi two weeks ago. Compared to my rooted and rom’d TF300, the ipad feels VERY confined and restricted. The only benefit to having this is that the app store has games that aren’t on android :/ Nothing at all that makes me want to use it. I’ve had my avid apple friends show me all the ins and outs but I don’t see what makes ppl go crazy over apple products. If no jailbreak method is made……some lucky person will get a barely used ipad for cheap!

  • wizzy

    same here i want a 4s ios6 jailbreak, don’t give up guys, even now i have a (for me) 4s with ios 6 i still need you.
    on a side note, guys you gave me and my iphone’s and Ipad the world (it feels that way)
    ty for all you guys and gals have given the community

  • Derockthegod

    To the person below me, It doesn’t void your warranty if you Jailbreak. Stop lying. ONLY if you bring your iPhone to the store for a repair or upgrade, while it’s still in the Jb state woul they know. Any semi intelligent person would know to restore the iPhone to factory settings before a visit to apple store. C’mon now

  • Lahey

    With no untethered jailbreak in site it’s not just Cydia and jailbreaking that are DOA; do is this site, that has not presented an interesting actual hack in months. The commenting system is also ponderous. Looking back to a year or do ago, it’s so sad to see how things have changed.

  • Dudezz

    Thank god ..I have an iPhone 4 which is in tethered jb mode atleast

  • annynomous

    That is so sad

  • David

    Why do you call the company “Crapple” despite the high quality of its products?

    • Gregory Surels

      No doubt they make quality products but the fact that they offer a ” find my iPhone ” feature but don’t let you password protect power down ( which drops your iPhone off the grid when trying to locate it ) is absolutely rediculous ! That’s like selling me a car with the best car alarm made but telling me if a thief can get close enough to open the door that the alarm will then be useless. That’s ONE of the reasons I call them crapple, that and my right to free speech. Cydia literally has an app or tweak to fix everything apple passed on because of security rules, including a way to password protect powering off an iphone. Also, the iPhone 5 is a good example. What did they do different that REALLY matters ? Gave us a whole half inch of screen ? And an extra 2 hours of battery life ? Despite the fact that their competitors have managed to do both very well.

  • Corey Burchnall

    I am so pissed at CRAPPLE!!! I hate my iphone now. & Im jailbroken again, only to find 90% of the best tweaks dont work at all. FUQ APple!!!

  • The Dude

    Until Apple adds SBSettings type widgets to notification center, there will always be a need to jailbreak your phone.

    • Gregory Surels

      That definitely isn’t the only reason. What about the functional essential tweaks like call bar & biteSMS ? Don’t get me wrong, SB settings is great and I agree and think that apple really should find a way to bring us the functionality that those tweaks provide. You know they have seen at least some of those ideas and I just can’t imagine ignoring such brilliant tweaks ideas like that.

      • The Dude

        I agree JB is much more than widgets. The whole customization (theming or apps), of your iDevice is why there will always be a need for JB. If it wasn’t for the ability to JB my iDevices, I might be tempted to return to the Android world.

  • Zach Baylin

    It’s funny because there is currently an iOS6 jailbreak for all devices.

    • iPhoneHacks

      This was written when there was no visibility of a jailbreak.

  • Himanshu

    My iphone is on but I want to dead this phone

  • Bruce Dickinson

    i didnt upgraded to the iOS7, I am on 6.1 and will never upgrade to 7-8-9 i don’t care, i won’t even upgrade to a possible iphone 6 if they don’t have a jailbreak for it!