Jailbreak App iGotYa Sends Picture of Person with Stolen iPhone to Owner

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While Find My iPhone has just been updated, jailbreakers chalk one up for themselves as jailbreak app iGotYa has been used to send a picture of a person with a stolen iPhone back to the phone’s owner.

Via the BBC:

The owner reported that the iPhone had been stolen at the Coalition nightclub in Brighton earlier in December.

An app had been installed on the phone which takes a photograph of anyone who tries to unlock it, maps their location and sends the information to the owner.

PC Gavin Crute said: “We know where and when the photo was taken” but added that the woman might not be the thief.

64675245 64675244Yahoo! news tipped folks off to the app that did this little bit of magic—iGotYa. Of course the irony is that iGotYa is a jailbreak app (much like iCaughtU), which very few people would be able to use—especially if they have an iPhone 4S (running iOS 6.x) or iPhone 5—but still, it shows that there are real practical reasons for jailbreaking your phone.

Given the number of times I mis-tap my passcode, I can’t imagine how many emails I’d get of my myself looking frustrated at my phone.

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  • Roostercock

    Please correct article. My jb iPhone 4S on 5.1.1 has iCaughtu on it and it works well.

    • filthyjason

      I agree, I’m running 5.0.1 on my 4S and use iCaughtUPro. I have an element pro case which blocks my sim tray too.

    • http://trishussey.com Tris Hussey

      Thanks, made the edit.

    • moe22

      its harder for 4s users to get a hold of a jb if they are noobs and updated.

  • tanoz

    this software is 3 years old already… bit late

    • moe22

      the software is new. the idea is old. please word correctly.

  • tiberius

    iCaughtU Pro has worked well for me for the past year. I have my iPhone set to take a picture and send GPS coordinates Every time I enter the passcode incorrectly. It never fails to send a picture 99% of the time. I have a special Gmail filter and folder filled with my half asleep face in the dark. I figure the thief is likely to try once out of curiosity, and that’s all I need.