Jailbreak Tweaks Allow You To Passcode Protect Apps And Folders


One of our favorite jailbreak tweaks for iOS 5.x.x was Lockdown Pro, which allowed us to password protect apps. But unfortunately it is not yet compatible with iOS 6.x.x.

The good news is that a developer with the handle greensnow has released two jailbreak tweaks called Icon Passcode and Folder Passcode  on Cydia that allow you to not only passcode protect apps, but also passcode protect iOS folders.

After installing Icon Passcode, you will be prompted to set the master passcode via the Settings app (Settings -> Icon Passcode). You can then individually enable passcode protection by tapping on the On/Off toggle  (Settings -> Icon Passcode -> Locked Applications).

The jailbreak tweak also allows you to lock the app switcher to ensure someone cannot access the recently opened apps via the app switcher.

Just like the Icon Passcode, after installing Folder Passcode, you will be prompted to set the master passcode via the Settings app (Settings -> Folder Passcode).

To passcode protect a folder, you need to tap and hold on the folder to put it in wiggle mode, then replace the title of the folder with “[lock]” and then tap “Done. You don’t need to worry about the title of the folder as it will revert back to the original title and also passcode protected the folder.

Check out the video walkthrough of Icon Passcode and Folder Passcode below:

Icon Passcode and Folder Passcode are both available for free on Cydia via the ModMyi repo.

As always, let us know what you think of the jailbreak tweaks in the comments below.

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  • Tim

    Nice, I have been waiting for lockdown-like tweak.

  • snipey36

    only why does every tweak has to translate so ugly on an ipad

  • tre

    Nice. Thank you for the extra security.

    • tre

      FYI…. in order for the folder passcode to work as shown in the videos & instruction I had to respring the phone before it would allow me to lock those folders but now it is working just fine.

  • EamonX

    Good for those who suffer from constant fraping but don’t want a passcode every time they unlock the phone

  • Adam

    slight problem i locked my photo and my camera app to stop people snooping at my pics passcode works fine but when the phone is at the lockscreen you can still click the icon to go straight to camera app and then you can get into the photos

  • Jessy

    please someone hlep me. I am locked my settings and cydia. i cant unlock now!! what i can do?

  • T.Y

    I forgot my passcode, how could I restore or replace it ?!!!

  • Chris

    T.Y/Jessy – I have the same problem! I used Icon Passcode for a short while and then switched to AppLocker instead. I tried to go back to IconPasscode because I liked the UI a little better, but after install, Settings app asked for a passcode. I tried every passcode I could think of, that I would even use, and couldn’t get in. I had to uninstall and have to revert to AppLocker. I tried to contact the dev, but got a postmaster failed send notification. Hope someone figures this out, I really prefer the native-looking passcode lock screen.

  • jay eh

    Hello there, I have got Iphone 5 with IOS 6.1.4.
    Could you tell me is it possible to jailbreak this, if so tell me how to do that please.

  • Loco Thed

    Hey is this compatible with folder enhancer.