Last chance to grab The iStack Mac Bundle 2.0 [Deals Hub]

iPhone Hacks Deals has a simply massive offer that you really need to take advantage of before it’s gone for good. The iStack Mac Bundle 2.0 is filled to the brim with apps that are worthy additions to any user’s Applications folder.

This amazing offer features 10 stellar pieces of software and an e-course that will have a positive impact on more aspects of your life than you may think. With apps that will enhance your productivity, your finances, your photo editing skills, and more…this iPhone Hacks Deals is just too good to be true! Especially at this price: only $49!

Here’s what included in The iStack Mac Bundle 2.0:

  • Camtasia 2 for Mac ($99): With Camtasia 2 you can easily create stunning screen captures and video recordings, with easy capture capabilities and allowing you to focus your videos on what matters.
  • Circus Ponies NoteBook($50): Take rich notes using powerful outlining, diagramming, and sketching tools with Circus Ponies NoteBook.
  • CrossOver XI ($60): CrossOver XI enables you to run Windows applications and PC games on your Mac without rebooting, without a Windows license, and at native speeds.
  • FX Photo Studio Pro ($40): This app sports one of the best variety of photo effects among photo applications, and has 172 high quality effects and filters at your disposal.
  • LittleSnapper ($40): Capture picture-perfect screenshots with LittleSnapper, which can also do things like automatically categorize and easily add annotations to all of your snapshots.
  • Printopia ($20): Printopia brings wireless printing from your iOS devices to your Mac’s printers easily and instantly.
  • xTeam ($99): An incredibly useful tool to manage the working schedule of people in your team, group, or organization that lets you create daily working schedules, manage days off for each person and track holidays.
  • MoneyBag ($60): This top-notch finance app allows you to interpret and monitor your spending and saving patterns with unprecedented ease and simplicity.
  • Habits ($20): Stay motivated and accountable with this life-changing app that helps you create good habits…and break bad ones.
  • SyncMate Expert ($40): Sync up your calendar, to do/reminders, contacts, mail, stickies, bookmarks, music, and more!

The first 3000 buyers will also get Build iPhone & iPad Games without Programming ($250), featuring over 222 lectures and 10 hours of content that will teach you how to build iPhone & iPad games without programming a single line of code.

There is so much Mac goodness packed into this bundle that you’ll find a ton of value in each and every app. And with a price this low – 93% off the price of all of these apps sold individually – you really have to head over the iPhone Hacks Deals page!

This offer is just too good to pass up. Head over to the iPhone Hacks Deals page now and stack up your Mac – or the Mac of someone on your gift list – today!

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