Apple Announces ‘Lucky Bag’ Sale in Japan on January 2nd

lucky-bag-2Every year, Apple participates in the Japanese “Lucky bag” tradition, where bags with unknown merchandise are sold to shoppers at huge discounts. The 2013 edition of the “Lucky bag” sale has been slated for the 2nd of January, and seven Apple Stores in Japan will be taking part in the sale.

The Lucky bags are priced at ¥33,000 (~$390) and typically includes a couple of Apple products, an accessory and an Apple tshirt. Just like Black Friday sales in the U.S., the queues outside participating Apple Stores in Japan is pretty long, with buyers lining up a whole night before the sale starts.

Here are the contents of a lucky bag bought during last year’s sale:

lucky bag

(via AppBank)

Apple adds that the products inside the Bag or the entire bag itself cannot be returned or exchange unless there’s a manufacturing defect.

Via: AppleTech In Asia

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