Mid-Day News: iPhone 5 sales better than expected, iOS Dominates Mobile Web, and Apple Didn’t Know Much About Jury Foreman


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In addition to news like iTunes might be reaching the Russian frontier tomorrow, Facebook maybe buying WhatsApp, The Daily shutting down, iOS 6.1 beta 3, and the iPhone 5 coming to 50 more countries this month , there has been other news of note thus far today. Things like iPhone 5 sales are better than expected, iOS still dominates the mobile web, and new Angry Birds Seasons levels!


First off, the iPhone 5 is doing great in the sales department. Now that Apple is catching up with demand, we’re really seeing how popular the iPhone 5 is:

Based on channel checks in November, the company has found “very strong sales” of the iPhone 5 at AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, as well as in international markets. Given the checks, as well as Apple’s strong plans for an iPhone 5 ramp to 240 carriers in 100 countries by year’s end, including China, Canaccord has slightly increased its estimates for iPhone sales in the December quarter.
From: CNET News

This has to be good news for Apple. Not that we were really worried about them and all, but still. Also given the reviews of the iPhone 5, even after having one for a while, are very positive this iterative iPhone 5 looks like it’s going to be another hit.

In the continuing saga of the Apple v. Samsung trail that Apple won in August, Samsung is still pressing about what Apple did or didn’t know about jury foreman Velvin Hogan during jury selection. Turns out, not much:

In papers filed late Friday, Apple finally disclosed to the court what it knew about Hogan: which is to say, almost nothing. After jury selection took place on July 30, Apple lawyers “became aware” that Hogan had filed for bankruptcy through a public records search, but they never even pulled the bankruptcy court file. And not a single member of Apple’s in-house litigation team or outside counsel even knew about Hogan’s lawsuit with Seagate until Samsung brought it up in post-trial briefs.
From: Ars Technica

Everything here centers on whether Hogan would have been biased against Samsung as a patent holder and having been involved in a lawsuit with now Samsung-owned Seagate. You know if you lost a case where you’re supposed to shell out a billion dollars, I think you’d try everything you can not to have to pay it.

Despite Android being the most dominant handset OS by the numbers, it still pales in comparison to iOS in mobile browser stats:

Chitika found that comparing just traffic impressions coming from iOS and Android hardware, iOS came away with a 67 percent browser share in November, which has fluctuated only slightly but is actually up 2 percent from May. Android has shed that 2 percent, going to 33 percent at the most recent measurement date. The two were closest right around the end of August, which is when Samsung’s Galaxy S III was on the market and selling well, but ahead of Apple’ iPhone 5 release.
From: TechCrunch

Given that these data don’t include the iPhone 5 (which we know has been selling well) we could wager that iOS will continue to maintain—or even increase—its lead in the mobile web.

Sherlock Holmes for iPadOn the app front, there have been a bunch of great updates today.

WordPress for iOS has been updated to version 3.3 which includes sound effects for feedback and is supposed to look great on the iPad mini.

Angry Birds Seasons has new holiday levels, always welcome for a virtual advent calendar.

Starbucks meets iPhone 5 in 2.5.2, so it looks great on our über device.

Notability updated with a slew of new import options for Office documents and from Google Drive

Tumblr gains a new blog lookup feature and panorama view to look at large images. Very cool.

A new free app I came across—Sherlock Holmes for the iPad—lets you experience the classic stories in a new interactive form. If you download it now you can get all five stories for free (in app purchase later).

Not free, but certainly interesting is Holiday Time Machine which lets you watch videos and commercials and other holiday memories from 1898 to the present! A fun $0.99 I think.

That’s all for the middle of the day!

Hat tips: 9to5MaciMore.com, and AppAdvice.

Megaphone from Flickr by floeschie.


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