Movies And TV Shows Disappear From Apple TV For Some Users


Have the movies and TV shows icon disappeared from your Apple TV? Then you’re not alone as 9to5Mac reports that a number of users are complaining about the issue.

According to this discussion thread on Apple’s Support forums, it looks like a number of users are facing the issue.

The issue seems to have affected users in the UK initially, but 9to5Mac now reports that users from U.S. to Australia are also reporting the issue on Twitter. It is affecting the 2nd generation and 3rd generation Apple TV.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Movies icon is missing from Apple TV home screen.

Apple hasn’t acknowledged the problem on its system status page.

Let us know if Movies and TV shows icon is available on your Apple TV home screen currently.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • William Bérubé

    I’m in Canada and I lost both of them too on my third generation Apple TV.

  • James Eade

    On my Apple TV 2 – I have lost TV shows – on my Apple TV 3 – I have lost my movies icon seriously WTF

  • Alex

    Apple TV 3 i have both. -USA

  • djlooni

    US..just finished using my ATV 3..No problems

  • Ash

    Missing for me. Not sure what gen I have. Purchased ATV from apple store in feb’13

  • Paul Barnabee

    I’ve lost my TV icons on both Apple TVs I have. Apple doesn’t know how to fix it?