First Lot of New 27-inch iMacs Start Shipping

The first lot of Apple’s radically thin 27-inch iMacs have started shipping to early buyers, with estimated delivery dates as early as December 13th.

A number of buyers who pre-ordered their device noted on Twitter and elsewhere that their credit cards had been charged, and their orders status had either changed to “preparing for shipment” or that it had already shipped. Once orders go through the “preparing for shipment” stage, buyers can no longer alter or cancel their orders.


Right after the new iMacs went on sale
, Apple noted that the 27″ model would ship in December, and while it seems to have managed to stick to its promised shipping date for early orders, shipping dates for current orders have been pushed back to January. During Apple’s most recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook had said that supplies for the new iMacs would be constrained till the end of this year, which seems to be reflected in the vague January shipping dates of the 27″ iMac.

As opposed to the 21.5″ variant of the iMac, which seem to be originating from inside the US, the 27″ models are being shipped from Shanghai, China.

Via: 9to5Mac

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