PayPal Demoing a Practical Alternative to Foursquare at LeWeb

Sure Foursquare lets you check in at places (and tell/annoy your friends), but what if a location app was tied to a payment mechanism? What if you could pay for parking, order from a cafe, and then pay for it all with one app? That’s exactly what PayPal is demoing at LeWeb right now.

Via Glenn Lesanto and Orange Business services, comes this interesting take on location apps:

PayPal’s new location check in app – “it’s like… by orange_business

So instead of just “here I am” you get I’m here at this parking meter, I need an hour please and pay through PayPal. Then walk into a cafe, check in, see the menu, order (which syncs with tablets servers have), then pay…again all through PayPal.

Now that’s location with a purpose!