QuickOffice Improves Google Docs Conversions and Offered Free For Google Apps Customers

Since Google acquired QuickOffice in June, the two teams have been working hard to bring the expertise from the QuickOffice team to Google Docs. We’re seeing the first fruits of that labor now, with an added bonus for Google Apps For Business customers.

One of the things that has plagued Google Docs is the hit-and-miss nature of MS Office document conversions. Sometimes it’s fine, but really only when the documents are simple. Get into formatting or layout and you’re hooped. Back to MS Office you go. Looks like the Google Docs team have picked up some tricks from the QuickOffice team:

Yeah I’d say that’s a lot better. Sure, Google doesn’t show the original, but I think it’s safe to say if it wasn’t a heck of a lot better they wouldn’t bother showing it off in the first place.

When Google scooped up QuickOffice, lots of us wondered what the future would hold for the powerful MS Office-compatible app suite. Turns out it’s alive and well. Not only that if you’re paying Google money for Google Apps for Business, you get it for free:

Using Quickoffice to edit Office files on your iPad

Converting old files to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides is the easiest way to share and work together, but perhaps not everyone you work with has gone Google yet. To complement what you can do with Google documents, we’re also making it easier for you to make quick edits to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files without conversion. Starting today, the Quickoffice iPad app is available for free to all Apps for Business customers, and iPhone and Android versions are on the way. With the app, you can open and edit any Office files you’ve stored in Google Drive right from your iPad.

This is a huge bonus for Google Apps users. Yes, it feels like Google has been kicking folks in the teeth a bit of late, but this is a powerful new (and free) tool. Google Docs on iOS isn’t great. It’s passable, but not great. QuickOffice, however, is rather good. Something that you can certainly enjoy using. Open and save to Google Drive (or other cloud storage providers) and you don’t have to worry about working with Office files on the go.

So between Google Docs getting better at converting documents, QuickOffice being free for Apps customers, and the new version of CloudOn coming to the iPhone, we can start cutting ties with official Microsoft apps with less worry.

Via: Google Enterprise Blog

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