Readdle Releases Scanner Mini: Great Scanning App for Free

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When I covered how to use your iPhone as a scanner, I said that my pick for paid apps is Readdle’s Scanner Pro. However for casual scanners, $7 might be a lot to pay. Not to fear, today Readdle has released Scanner Mini a free version of the great scanning app that you should just grab and get right now.

Here is the gist that you need to know: Scanner Mini has the same great scanning engine as Scanner Pro what makes it “Mini” (and free) is are the limitations for transferring the documents.

In the free version you can sync to iCloud (which when I launched Scanner Mini it found all my Scanner Pro documents right away) and transfer the PDFs via USB or local network WiFi sync. No Dropbox or Evernote support in the Mini version. Also missing is email, which I think (and I already sent the feedback to them) should be included. Emailing a scanned document is a pretty basic (and important thing) that I think it’s essential. Given Readdle’s excellent track record for listening to user requests, I’m betting that they will put it in a future version.

I know there are lots of scanning apps out there, but given how fantastically Scanner Pro works (I had to use it several times in the last week to scan letters for people and it worked flawlessly every single time) and that the app is free—just go get it now.

Certainly the folks at Readdle will encourage you to upgrade to Mini’s big brother Pro (which I don’t think you’d be disappointed with), but start with Mini for casual scanning and take it from there.