Rumor: iPhone 5S Coming in June with NFC and Color Options

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Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is predicting that the iPhone 5S will arrive next June and sport not just a range of colors, but also NFC. Previously Misek has been a “miss” on his Apple TV predictions, but hit the mark on his iPhone 4S prediction. This would be a departure from Apple’s usual schedule of new iPhones a year apart.

According to the article on Business Insider this morning:

Apple will release an iPhone 5S in June, a break from the pattern it’s established over the last two years, says Jefferies analyst Peter Misek in a note this morning.

Misek is predicting the iPhone 5S has a new “super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC.” He’s also predicting it comes in 6-8 colors, presumably similar to the iPod Touch which comes in a bunch of colors.

I don’t know what is more interesting the possible inclusion of NFC (which could make Passbook a viable mobile payment option) or iPhones coming in more colors than black and white. It’s also important to note that Misek hasn’t be perfect in the accuracy department in the past (also from BI):

Now, a note about Misek’s predictions. Misek had been making a lot of bad predictions about Apple TV for years. For instance, in August he said the Apple television was in full production and would be out by year end.

But, he nailed the iPhone 4S ahead of everyone else. In May 2011, he called for an iPhone 4S, not an iPhone 5, which turned out to be accurate. So, his iPhone predictions seem trustworthy.

One important factor to watch as rumors of the iPhone 5S start heating up, is what this does to iPhone 5 sales. Sales of the iPhone 4 and 4S both slumped ahead of the next generation phone launches because people wanted to wait for the “next one”.

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  • Andrew

    This is bull. I just bought my iPhone 5 in September. If I want my phone to be outdated every 6-7 months I would of stayed with android.

    • Eugene Sytnik

      FYI: Sep -> Jun = 10 Months. That’s closer to 1 year than to 6-7 months

  • Michael Bordeaux

    NFC huh? I wonder where they got that idea? Samsungs turn to sue Apple.

  • Pacomacman

    Up till now NFC has proved a damp squid on my Nexus 7. You download the NFC writer app, test a few pointless features and then forget about it. I haven’t found any real use for it other than switching wifi networks. Ok you can push basic contacts and web links between devices… Big wow!

    Apple needs to revert back to a 4:3 aspect ratio and make the whole screen at least 5″ with a bigger battery.

    It’s ok adding colors so long as they do a better job than the current crop of iPad Touches which look toy-like and unprofessional.

  • Nhân Phan

    No, this won’t happen.

  • razielpr

    ja,ja,ja.time to make another overnight line for the brain washed fanboys apple is ripping you again.damn you people are blind i cant believe what apple is doing to you people and you dont want to see it.

  • Riz

    Apple seemed desperate for fresh features…

  • Sebastian Rasch

    They also say some iPhone 6 prototypes with 4.8″ screens are floating around: