Rumor Mill: Don’t Expect an Apple Television Next Year

It’s a rumor-tastic morning this morning. Now it’s the rumor that won’t die until it ships—an Apple Television. According to sources at Hon Hai, they are testing TVs now, but they aren’t likely to be available next year.

On the continuing Apple Television rumor circuit, sources say that testing is underway on a new Apple television:

However, the Hon Hai source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the initial phase of tests on the TVs has kicked off.

Nevertheless, the source said it is unlikely that shipments of the appliances will begin as soon as the end of next year.

The source also predicted that Apple TV shipments could be huge and that new Apple TV-related products might be put on display at the well-known international consumer electronics trade fair, CES…

This all makes sense, we know Apple has a pretty long testing cycle, so heck, these devices might have been in a testing phase for years. Not shipping until 2014. Sure, if Apple wants to revolutionize who we watch TV, I don’t think they will jump into it with half-measures. Still, I don’t think a television is the big play. Maybe Apple will offer one, but I think it will be a showcase device that isn’t expected to sell scads of units. I stand by that it’s a better cable box that they will shoot for.

And launching at CES? Yeah that isn’t going to happen. Apple doesn’t launch at CES. They might hold an event at the same time, but it won’t be in Vegas. No way.

Via: Focus Taiwan and 9to5Mac.

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