Samsung Sues Apple in South Korea Over Notification Center

In the “turn about is fair play” department, Samsung is now suing Apple for copying Notification Center. Why so long? Turns out Google didn’t actually have the patent yet.

2012 12 21 11 06 31Here’s the scoop from Patently Apple:

According to BrightWire, a business-to-business resource for portfolio managers, the Korean online news site iNews24 is reported today that “Samsung Electronics has brought a lawsuit against Apple in a court in South Korea over its ‘Notification Center’ patent infringement.” No other details were made available at this time.

The delay in launching the lawsuit may have been due to Google’s patent pending notification patents not being officially granted. However, that changed last month when one of their notification patents was indeed granted under the title “Priority inbox notifications and synchronization for mobile-messaging application.” This may have been enough for Samsung to get the lawsuit rolling.

Honestly, I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who are trying to come up with new ideas and are inspired but other things first. How do you take something that works really well, implement it yourself, without costing you a bunch in licensing fees?

We’ll have to see how this all plays out in the courts. Since the suit is just in South Korea, how it winds up playing out in other jurisdictions remains to be seen.

Via: Patently Apple

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