Thanks to Apple Maps, Siri’s Reliance on Google Reduced by Half

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster conducted a series of tests on Siri in iOS 6 as a follow-up to his earlier tests on the service in iOS 5, and found that its reliance on Google for responding to queries has reduced by half.

Munster’s tests found that Siri turned to Google 30 percent of the time for answering queries, as compared to the 60 percent a few months back on iOS 5. The reduction was largely due to the switch in mapping providers from Google in iOS 5 to Apple in iOS 6:

“The biggest change in query resolution to Google was the removal of Google Maps in iOS 6, as 23% of queries resolved to Apple Maps. Yelp and Yahoo! also benefited slightly. Net-net we view this as a slight negative for consumers on Apple products as we view Apple Maps as an inferior product to Google Maps.”

Here’s the company-wide breakdown of Siri’s responses, based on data by Gene Munster visualised in a chart by Business Insider:


Munster also did a head-to-head comparison of Siri with Google Now, and, surprisingly, found Siri to be slightly better than Google Now for the set of queries he had. He notes that Siri is better at local search and system-level commands while Google Now excels at information-fetching and navigation.


Munster doesn’t seem to be accounting for the response time in both the services, but if he does take that into consideration, we’re pretty sure Google Now would have an edge over Siri. While Google Now is available only on Android devices, a part of Google’s tech behind the service is available as the “Voice Search” feature in Google’s recently updated iOS app.

Via: Apple Insider

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