The iPhone 5 Arrives in China

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Today is the day that the world’s most populous nation gets the iPhone 5 and with China Unicom alone looking at over 300,000 pre-orders, it should be a busy day.

Unless it snows in Beijing. Which it did.

Early reports from Beijing were that, well, things were pretty slow. Between pre-orders, pick up and reserve, and snow that’s not really surprising:

Apple has begun sales of the iPhone 5 in China, its second-largest market. Doors opened at official retail stores at 8am, though the company’s reserve-and-pick-up system dampened launch crowds.

A rare Beijing snowstorm didn’t help matters in the country’s capital, either, and shortly after 8am, there were few customers in sight at the company’s Sanlitun Village location, while retail workers waiting to greet the non-existent iPhone buyers warmed themselves by singing Christmas carols.
From: TNW

In many ways, this is good. Apple surely doesn’t want a repeat of the chaos around the iPhone 4S launch, so fewer crowds, less drama, but still strong sales (expected) are good for everyone.

Photo via TNW.

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