The time is right for The Mac Productivity Bundle 3.0 [Deals Hub]

Looking for a last minute gift for the Mac user who values productivity above all else on their machines?

This bundle has been handcrafted to ensure that quality apps make it onto your desktop – and these quality products will cost you 95% less now than they would if you bought them separately. You’ll save $1100 during this limited time iPhone Hacks Deals offer – meaning that The Mac Productivity Bundle 3.0 is just a miniscule $50!

The Mac Productivity Bundle 3.0 includes:

  1. MacFlux 4 – Powerful Mac web design made easy. (Value: $130)
  2. Billings – Professional time billing for everyone. (Value: $40)
  3. Hydra Pro – Easily create stunning HDR images, either artistic or photorealistic. (Value: $100)
  4. Notebook 3 – Organize photos, email, documents and more. (Value: $25)
  5. ARTTEXT – Where text becomes an art. (Value:$40)
  6. StuffIt Deluxe – Compress it. Secure it. Send it. (Value:$50)
  7. Courier – Share files, images, photos, movies, and more with all your favourite online services. (Value:$10)
  8. iDocument – Smart document management for Mac. (Value:$50)
  9. Smashing Ebooks Bundle – 7 UX Design ebooks. (Value:$30)
  10. Pandora UI for iOS – User interface pack – developer license. (Value:$149)
  11. Rockable WordPress Themes – 3 premium WordPress themes – developer license. (Value:$447)
  12. DiskTools Pro – Mac defrag, Mac disk repair and more! (Value:$80)

The clock is ticking. Get your hands on The Mac Productivity Bundle 3.0 for an amazingly low $50 while you can…which won’t be for long!

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