The Wall Street Journal Comes to Newsstand

The Wall Street Journal is finally available through Newsstand. One of the last remaining major publications to hold out against Apple’s Newsstand and subscription management and come into the fold.

Wsj ipadWhile publishers might chafe at the 30% cut Apple takes, I think in the long run, publishers who make this leap now are going to be the ones who will remain at the top of the heap later. AllThingsD (which is part of the WSJ) posted the announcement:

That means Dow Jones’ business newspaper has joined thousands of other magazines and newspapers that market their stuff through Apple’s iTunes store — in exchange for giving Apple a cut of sales, and control over their relationship with their customers. (News Corp., which owns Dow Jones, also owns this Web site.)

It makes sense to me that publishers are happy to jump on board with a distribution mechanism, which thought costs them 30% off the top, does give them access to millions of potential customers. I think digital publishing is where newspapers and magazines need to head. Print is expensive and only getting more so. The costs of digital, however, will start to drop. Pushing bits and bytes is getting cheaper. Tools are improving so less time is needed to make an new issue (there for more content can be created in the same amount of time). Finally so many tablets are in people’s hands that really the market can’t help but to grow.

Now, if Apple released Newsstand for Android, that would do some interesting things to the publishing industry.

Via: AllThingsD

iTunes: WSJ.