Apple May Release Thinner, Lighter 5th Generation iPad in March 2013


Apple surprised us by releasing the 4th generation iPad along with the iPad mini in October, just seven months after releasing the 3rd generation iPad. It has been widely speculated that Apple was moving to a fall release for the iPad.

But Japanese blog Macotakara reports that according to their sources, Apple is planning to release the next generation iPad in March 2013.

Macotakara reports:

Chinese news  ZOL (CBS Interactive) reported next iPad mini in AppleInsider’s article, according to my inside source, iPad(5th) may be released in March, 2013.

Source told that, design of this new iPad will be like iPad mini in detail, and be thinner and lightweight.

According to the report, the next generation iPad will be 4mm, 17mm and 2mm smaller in height, width, and depth than the 4th generation iPad.

Earlier in the month, a report had claimed that Apple plans to use new LED light bar design that will allow Apple to power the 9.7-inch Retina display with only one light bar, which will help in reducing the weight of the device and make it thinner. iPad 3 and iPad 4 uses dual-LED light bars design.

Let us know what you think of the possibility of Apple releasing iPad 5 just 5 months after releasing iPad 4.

Via: Macotakara

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  • Moses Altmann

    What?? A 5th iPad is going a little overkill.

    • Lawliet

      They are in it for the money. As long as it has an Apple logo on it, someone will buy it.

      • David Deadcat Eves

        This right here is why they are releasing another iPad.

  • Andrew

    I don’t like where apple is going. This looks like the beginning of a very slippery slope.

  • Pacomacman

    Just because Apple release a revised iPad doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy one. I am quite happy for Apple to churn out the incremental updates so long as they provide a significant upgrade. I’ve bought every revision so far, and will continue to do so. Apple will carry on supporting the 2,3 and 4 for a couple more years so there is no problem. As a developer I will also continue to support them too! Some people just love to find something to moan about.

    • Zangpakto

      A reason to moan at?

      The reason Apple DID so well was the loyalty to its consumer base. At the moment they are slowly losing that. If you haven’t been in the apple world for long, then sure! You wont care as your used to being shafted by PCs and Windows and Androids and what not… Paying a premium we are willing to do, provided we actually get the best… I was about to buy the 64 3g ipad 4… now I mean god sakes, I might as well get the mini 16 wifi… I’m sick of this, at least at the moment the computers are still in the fans favour.

      I repair apple items, and honestly, the way they are now churning out these goods, people are also buying less, they are selling less, the only thing on increase is repairs as people don’t want to buy newer ones as much anymore…

      So yea, screw Apple if they keep this up, then it will end up being the same as what happened when Scully took over! Tim needs to slow the f*** down else same thing is going to happen…

    • Frederick Humbe

      Wow, you are a tool and a half.

  • Alan

    A lighter iPad would be perfect. iPad 4’s weight is one of my biggest gripes. I also hope it gets the fit and finish of the iPad mini.

  • CL
    • Frederick Humbe

      You are a tool of epic proportions.

  • Ipodbob

    It makes people feel cheated when you spend $600 bucks on an ipad and a new one is released a few months later.

    • Moses Altmann

      So true.

  • Bob

    The articles on this website are 90% copies of 9to5mac.

  • mkimid

    Too early, because of IGZO display us not ready. It will be avaliable for iPad this summer.

    • Frederick Humbe

      Summer will be just in time for the NEXT generation ipad.

  • Zangpakto


  • Frederick Humbe

    You fools will buy it. Thats why.