Tim Cook Profiled by Time for Person of The Year


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Tim Cook might not have been chosen at Time’s Person of the Year, but the guy sure has had his share of media attention this month. The Bloomberg interview, NBC interview, and now profile in Time as part of being one of the people who were in contention for Person of The Year.

Having read and watched all of the Tim Cook interviews that came out this month, I still hold that the Bloomberg interview is the best. If it had been on camera, it would have stolen the show from NBC’s Rock Center piece. Time is no slouch in the interview department and since they are third to the party, we don’t have much new in this interview that hasn’t been said, but I did like this section:

His critics say Cook lacks a true technologist’s vision, but it would be more accurate to say that he has yet to show his hand. Apple finished 2012 with a triumphant record of innovation, but it was innovation with a small i, as in incremental. That’s good enough for an ordinary company, but it’s not what made Apple worth more than Exxon Mobil. The essence of Apple is the quantum leap, the unexpected sideways juke into a heretofore unnoticed and underexploited market — personal computers, digital music players, smart phones, tablet computers. Maybe the next stop is televisions; that’s certainly where the rumor mill is going. But the test for Cook will be to seek out a new category that’s vulnerable to disruption and disrupt the hell out of it.

Tim Cook is the man who stays quiet, but thinks (and does) big things. He doesn’t really want the attention that being Apple’s CEO brings and he plays his cards close to his vest. Like all good epic stories, the first act (in this case the first year) just sets the stage for the rest of the drama to unfold. Good stories give you something awesome in the first act to hook you and we’ve had that this year from Apple. Nope, nothing mind blowing, but certainly worth our attention and money. Now, let’s sit back and see what Tim Cook has in store for act 2.

Via: Time

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