Tim Cook Spends 80% of His Time Working on the iPad

2012 12 06 15 46 47

Beyond the whole idea of “eating your own dogfood”, in another teaser clip for tonight’s interview with Brian Williams, Tim Cook says he spends 80% of his time on the iPad (for emails and writing).

Now, Tim says he’s mastered the virtual keyboard and that it takes time (trust in autocorrect), while I agree I can type pretty darn well on the virtual keyboard, it gets tiring after a while. Why? Glass doesn’t give. I’m a heavy typer (I pound the keys pretty hard when typing), so taping the glass over and over and over just gets physically tiring after a while.

Me, I like to pair my iPad with Apple’s own Wireless Keyboard for typing. I could gladly spend 95% of my day on my iPad working—maybe I should next week—but that doesn’t mean the iOS keyboard is perfect. Federico Viticci makes some great points in his article about how the iOS keyboard must improve. Maybe if Tim Cook is a fan of working on the iPad we might just get that. Here’s the clip from tonight’s show:

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