Transloader Elegantly Lets You Send URLs from iOS Devices to Download Files onto Your Mac

Ever been on your iPhone or iPad and saw something you needed or wanted to download to your Mac? Then by the time you were home you forgot or the download was gone, or whatever. Right, me too, lots of times. Today I came across a nifty and elegantly simple app called Transloader that lets you paste a URL into an iOS app and then a companion Mac OS app downloads the file for you automatically.

Transloader for Mac is the part you pay for ($2.99 in the Mac App Store) and the Universal iOS app is free (iTunes App Store). Using both parts is so easy you will wonder “is that it?” You download the Mac app, launch it…and that’s it—until it senses a download to manage.

On the iOS side you paste (or type, but who types a URL?) the URL for the download into the app and it syncs with iCloud.

Yes, really that’s all. The iOS app sends the info to iCloud and the Mac app picks it up and done. The author does say that the Mac app might not have the URL immediately because it tries to wait for a lull in your iCloud activity. Oh and if the Mac app isn’t running? No problem, when you launch it, the app will just queue up and download apps you’ve pushed to it.

Now, my downloads weren’t showing up right away, but once I quit the app and relaunched (because URLs I had pasted into Notes pushed through fine), the files showed up and downloaded in moments.

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At first I thought, oh geez this is going to eat up my iCloud storage. No, no…not at all. See all Transloader does is send the URL through iCloud, just a few bytes really, and the download goes to your default Downloads folder. Simple and elegant.

Before I tried a download I emailed the author about iCloud storage and perhaps using Dropbox…oh the fool I was!

This is a really brilliant app that just plain works. Worth $2.99? No doubt at all.

Via: MacStories

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