TSMC’s US Plant Has Got Nothing to do With Apple, CEO Says

a6There’s been a lot of speculation lately about Apple’s efforts to bring back manufacturing to the US, especially after Tim Cook admitted that the company is investing $100 million towards these efforts. This, combined with Apple’s eagerness to eliminate Samsung as its suppliers, led many to believe that the company’s Oregon project, code named “Azalea,” was in fact an A-series chip building facility in collaboration with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC).

However, TSMC’s CEO, speaking to TapeiTimes, said that the manufacturing company’s rumored US plant had got nothing to do with Apple:

“The US is one of the places under consideration. But this has nothing to do with Apple.”

The report adds that TSMC’s expansion is aimed at addressing the requirements of its current clients like Nvidia and Qualcomm, rather than focus on Apple.

TSMC’s current operating capacity can churn chips at the rate of 68,000 per month, which is nowhere near to the scale of millions Apple operates in, with its A series of chips. Ideally, the company would like to switch from rival Samsung, but presently there doesn’t seem to be any other manufacture which can match and deliver to Apple’s scale and quality requirements.

Via: iDownloadBlog

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