Tumblr Finally Supports the iPad

Tumblr updated its iOS app to finally include iPad support. A nice jump for a blogging platform that is pushing to make it big in the coming year.

Tumblr’s focus the iPhone for it’s mobile app always perplexed me. Sure, focus on pictures you can capture and post while you’re out and about, but I would maintain that as tablets are becoming the the new laptop people are writing more on their tablets today than when Tumblr started to make it big.

Tumblr for iPad isn’t just an update that makes the app bigger for the iPad, it has a new radial menu (I’ve noticed that radial menus are a popular UI feature of late) and explore tab that really takes advantage of the new bigger screen. Ellis Hamburger sums it up nicely:

There are also some iPad-exclusive elements here like landscape support, the aforementioned radial menu for posting, and a persistent navigational sidebar that’s with you no matter where you go. So why’d the app take so long to hit iPad? The app only took a few weeks to create, Irace says, but that’s thanks to the months Tumblr already spent this summer updating its iPhone app to native iOS code. “Once we had all those building blocks in space, we were ready to go for iPad,” developer Bryan Irace says. “It hasn’t been something that fell on deaf ears. All of us at Tumblr really wanted it too.”

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While I’m an unabashed fan of WordPress, there are a lot of features of Tumblr that are pretty catchy. I do have a Tumblr blog, not that I update it much, but maybe I’ll explore it more with these new mobile apps.

iTunes link: Tumblr HT: The Verge

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