Two Fake Halo 4 Games Hit the App Store

We received an email from a reader about apps made by “Toan Tran” and “Dung Bui” purporting to be Halo 4 for iOS and turns out to be a racing game or a chess game (depending on which one you’re duped into buying).

TechCrunch has screenshots of what you get for your $5:

Halo 4 ios

Like TC, we won’t link to the games but, here are screenshots of the two offending apps so you know not to get them:

2012 12 21 07 48 53

2012 12 21 07 51 47

The app from Toan Tran is universal and Dung Bui is iPhone only. They share the same icon (and price).

What makes this all the more galling is that the App Store freeze just kicked in and in theory there won’t be any changes to the App Store until the 28th. TechCrunch reached out to their contacts at Apple to hopefully get these apps pulled before the mad holiday rush of app buying hits.

Thanks Juan for the tip!

Via: TecCrunch

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  • Rounak Jain

    how are they rated four stars?

    • Tris Hussey

      No idea.

    • Jubeisan

      I wondered the same thing. They probably had the apps in the store as the chess and racing game. People bought and liked it rated it high. Then later they switched the names and icons. They had prior knowledge to the App Store holiday freeze. Timed there update just right and Boom! They would still have their high ratings… I could be giving them too much credit though.

  • razielpr

    ja,ja, did they get approved for the app store doesn’t apple have to approve the apps first?

  • D4

    Apples removed it.