Ubisoft and WeWantApps Bring App Deals Every Day in December

2012 12 03 10 05 27

It’s the Holiday Season. Shopping, parties, baking, food, fun, and free apps! Just like last year when EA mobile put a lot of its games up with deep discounts (or free) last year, Ubisoft is putting their apps up for free or heavily discounted and WeWantApps! is unveiling a free app for kids a day all month.

Both Ubisoft—24 apps Before Christmas—and WeWantApps! are going for the Advent Calendar approach to see what the new app of the day. An app a day is much better than chocolate (though not as good as LEGO Star Wars, IMHO) and we’ll keep an eye out for more daily offerings (really hoping EA does the holiday sale a day again).

2012 12 03 10 09 23For Ubisoft right now Babel Rising 3D is free and today’s bonus is an exclusive in app purchase just for today (reduced cost on more powers), December 1st was (and still going on) Rayman Jungle Run for $0.99 (70% off). You have to go to the Ubisoft site to see the deal of the day.

WeWantApps is offering Nighty Nighty (interactive bedtime story book), Monkeys In My Head (interactive ebook, though don’t we all often feel we have monkeys in our heads?), and Soccer Penalty Goal HD (flick a soccer ball to score…looks interesting) right now. The WeWantApps approach is to launch the app every day so you can see what’s new.

If you could pick an app or a company’s apps to be on sale this month, what would you pick?

If you see other folks over holiday specials let us know in the comments or  send us a tip.

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