Is an Untethered Jailbreak for the iPhone 5 Really Coming December 22nd?

2012 12 08 12 59 34

For those of dying for a jailbreak for the iPhone 5/iOS 6, you might only have two weeks to wait. A team called “Dream JB” who aren’t affiliated with Chronic Dev has announced that they will release an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 on December 22nd.

Via Macgasm:

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been reporting on alleged progress of the iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak. The short answer for all of that is: they’re still working on it. Sadly, that’s also the case today. It looks like the Chronic Dev Team is still hard at work chipping away at the defenses that Apple has erected for the iOS 6, something that many has come to regard as a major inconvenience. Still, there’s hope. There’s always hope but this is a more concrete form of hope. According to Auto-o-mobile, a team of jailbreakers going by the name of Dream JB has announced the seemingly impossible: a release date for the jailbreak. December 22nd.

Digging around I found the Dream JB site—Dream JB – Untethered iOS6 Jailbreak—but folks on MacRumors forums are doubtful this is legit so is the Chronic Dev team itself.

I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens in a couple weeks. Of course, as one MacRumors forums member pointed out, that is the day after the world is supposed to end…

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  • T.J.

    Wooooot. Hope it happens.

  • shane blyth

    what about my 4S?

  • tCricket

    Comex rises again?

  • dada

    Supported devices (6.0.1) : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (gen2+), iPod Touch (gen4+)

  • JSmith


  • WaitFor6.1

    I don’t get it. Why not wait for 6.1? It seems jailbreaks are getting harder each time, and the exploit will be patched in 6.1 (likely coming soon after this jailbreak is released) then we’re all stuck again…

    • Lawliet

      I agree whole heartedly, since iOs 6.1B3 is out and all, we’re soon gonna get a GM. If they wait, they can see if it works on there.

    • Diarno

      Well if they release it for 6.0.1 then everyone can use it. I’m lost when you say wait for 6.1. What would the point be if they did and it was patched other than a potential jailbreak gone. The whole point of there work is to provide the jailbreak for the now, not the what if

  • Felix Davila

    it will happen the iphone 5 and ios 6 is the same garbage as the rest of apple same dog different Collard.

    • Felix is a d!ck

      Ur gay

  • Ry

    This is fake reported by the actual dev team follow them on twitter.

    • Givrns

      Of course they’re gonna say that. They are happy with their ass-dragging donation-gathering pace

  • Some Random Guy

    What ever happened to iTweak? That seemed to be promising as well but it has been almost a year since anything new has been relayed by anyone to anyone about it. Until its out and working, it’s irrelevant to me. Hope is good but often leads to disappointment. Especially in the case of jail breaking.

  • Andrew

    I dunno. Usually when something is too good to be true. It’s because it is too good to be true. I seriously doubt that this new jailbreak team will release a jailbreak on the 22. However I would love to be proven wrong. As I am patiently waiting to jailbreak my iPhone 5.

  • EV

    Tristran I thought you said Jailbreaking is over? Your blogs are pretty useless. Like I said before without a Jailbreak I am not really interested. Nothing worse than a locked device. Hopefully some good news for Apple TV3. Maybe I can clean the dust off of mine.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      He didn’t say jailbreaking was over, he asked IF it was and laid out some pretty convincing reasons why it may very well be.

      That’s HARDLY making a statement.

      And if he Blog is useless, I’m sure he won’t miss you NOT reading it.

  • WarEagle75

    I only trust the chronic dev team

  • iRockU

    I hope christmas comes early this year! please please please

  • Michael Stavrakis

    chronic dev team IS DEAD and apple hire them and control them months ago… wake up people ….

  • Mr Gullible

    Unfortunately it is the end of the world on December 21, so it will be a day late and no one will enjoy it. Never mind.

    • berg

      ha I started with digging a hole in my garden .. hihi but it’s not the end of the world, but on their calendar .. as an odometer. when they reach 9999 .. it starts again at 0000. so hope they realize the 22 – 12 years 0001

  • okama

    Could be Comex or even Geohot? Hope this is legit and that the world doesn’t end on the 21st LOL

  • ifonix

    if it is truth, it is grate news. the option to personelize iphone and use tweaks is still a must. as long as iOS will be closed and blocked.

  • icepick

    now its a competition. after this announcement dev team will free their jb before december 22nd .

  • genXhippie

    Wow, I certainly hope this is true. I ready donate via paypal upon availability. ;)

  • Kraken

    Speaking for myself, I have an iPhone 3g, 3gs, and 4, while my mom has a 3gs and my girlfriend has an iPhone 4. Up until November I used iOS exclusively. Even though my Galaxy Nexus is my daily driver, I still use my iPhone from time to time (mainly for the exclusive games). Thus I still have interest in jailbreak news and general usability tricks; especially since I’m still the family tech support for iOS.

    Having an Android is like coming out of a tunnel into the light. I know the pain of waiting months for a jailbreak and then giving up time with friends and family to perform the jailbreak in the limited time Apple signs the OS. Android just works, no fighting with iTunes, no limited jailbreak windows and months of wishing.

    • Zangpakto

      Please good sir, explain your meaning.

      “Android just works, no fighting with iTunes, no limited jailbreak windows and months of wishing.”

      Apple also just works, you do not fight with iTunes, I have fought with Kies and if you use android you should know the complete and utter HATE of KIES… Jailbreaking? Umm you rooted your Android yet? Also tiny windows? Really? So… using something like tiny umbrella to pre store your keys makes apples signing limited?

      Oh wait, so going from JB back to ICS is simple? Never mind the amount of complete and utter destruction of some devices that have occurred because of attempting? Wait you mean because of the option to be able to?

      Did you not read the destruction and bricking android can cause when rolling back, if your talking about updating… why not just cancel? Or you too stupid to do something so simple?

      Complicated? Nope… It WAS supposed to be idiot proof… but hey, I guess we do find exceptions don’t we…

      • bcsc

        A little wound up are we? The thing that makes iTunes suck is that you are dependent on it. You don’t need to use Kies for anything. You drag and drop your media and photos. You don’t require root. And it you manage to brick a phone you are an idiot. You take a Nandroid back up and a phone is brick proof unless you try to flash an unsupported Kernel. even then it is most often recoverable. And yes going from Jelly bean to ICS is extremely simple. You can not damage a device in any way doing this. You enter the file into Odin in PDA section, press start and POOF, ICS. Reverse for Jelly Bean. Ive spent hours getting ridiculous messages from iTunes trying to get a jailbroken iPhone to update to new iOS updates. After waiting months for an jailbreak release. Root access for android is often released before the phone itself. A much more user friendly and techie friendly experience.

        • Zangpakto

          And Odin by use is actually in a funny way illegal… it is a program developed to be used solely in house by Samsung employees, was never meant to be used outside Samsung. Root access isn’t bad, however custom roms is where the fun is, creating your own roms and changing the system as you want…

          Certain phone manufacturers however screw the community of ROM developers from taking full advantage of say hardware acceleration etc. Of course not directly related to Android, but android is the software being run on those devices that have incomplete documentation on chips and code that you need to call…

      • Kraken

        I’ve never heard of Kies. I just connect my android phone to any computer and copy files to it with whatever folder structure I like. My music doesn’t have complete ID3 tags (either because I converted it myself or because the songs were never in an “album”), so iTunes has no idea how to organize it. On my computer I organize by folders. If jailbroken, you can copy music by folders via ssh and use iFile to play them. Unjailbroken, its all under “Unknown Album”.

        The typical workflow is: plug in iphone, it says it has to wipe either the phone or the laptop. Let it wipe the laptop. Then it recopys the music from the phone, wasting a few hours and a few GB of space. Then it takes a backup, which I x out of, then it syncs apps for no reason, then I add the one song I actually wanted to copy, and let it sync all the changes. Sometimes it tries to remove silence before and after songs. Hitting the x aborts the current song, not the whole process, and there was no setting to disable it. I had added some music from a read-only network share, and this confused itunes for hours.

        When my dad had an iphone, he would literally spend days trying to upload pictures. How come it detects as a camera for letting you copy pictures, but not for adding them? There isn’t any DRM on pictures and Apple doesn’t sell them, so why make it so hard?

        I haven’t needed to downgrade my android, but flashing roms couldn’t be simpler. Titanium backup can easily backup all of your apps, you can download custom roms and flash them completely on the device itself. My current rom was downloaded and installed on a bus without a computer anywhere in sight! No difficult button presses and timings for recovery mode with special version of iTunes here!

        On my iPhone4, I save every version’s SHSH blobs with SHSHit. However on an unjailbroken iphone or a 4s, you don’t have this option. After waiting 8 months for a jailbreak, I wasn’t about to take any chances either.

        I recently switched to straight talk. For data and MMS to work you have to change the APN settings. On Android I simply went into settings and set them. It took under 5 minutes. On iOS, Apple hides the menu unless you have a t-mobile SIM. So, I had to borrow a t-mobile SIM, enter the menu, switch to a backgrounded app, switch SIMs back and then quickly switch back to the menu before iOS closed it (it will close the menu when you insert the ATT straight talk SIM even if you are inside it). Why would Apple go to such great lengths to hide the APN menu on an unlocked (via AT&T) device?

        To create ringtones, I needed to buy a $30 paid 3rd party program (this was years ago maybe there is a better method now). After importing them into itunes, they became locked to that device and computer. When I retired the computer, I lost access to the files due to the DRM. DRM on files I created! Since the iphone was jailbroken, and I had taken a workign backup (via tar, not via worthless itunes) I ended up copying the files manually and editing the sqllite database on the phone. Yes, editing the internal database on the phone was less complex than making itunes do what I want.

        In summary, Apple software does what it wants, when it wants. If you aren’t tech savvy, you assume that is how things work, and you learn its quirks and assume that it just how it should be. If you are a serious power user, you can use iTunes once every six months to jailbreak, and then do everything manually on the phone itself. But now that Apple has basically prevented jailbreaking, people in the latter category have no choice but to switch to android.

        • Zangpakto

          What about programming extensions? Dev program so install your own custom IPA’s to extend functionality?

          Doing things manually is better than anything because what? It can’t be that your lazy to sort pics out on computer first, becuase you said you sort them out on phone.

          As for buying an app to use for it? Ummm Garageband allows you to… heck you can even import it into itunes a specific track you want to have as a ringtone, exporting to itunes isn’t that hard…

          Also DRM? That is based on each file depending on how programmed… likely your app you downloaded attached DRM to those files in all fairness.

          “For data and MMS to work you have to change the APN settings” That is AT&T issue… I have never even heard of the issue until you just pointed it out, all the phones our company deal with (overseas and local) have their apn settings correct right from insert of sim card. Point being, even on my Android (Yes I own both) I didn’t have to fiddle with settings, it just worked, same with my iPhone.

          True, flashing can be easy, but being an apple repair centre I have seen my fair share of idiots who cannot do even the most simplest of things. One couldn’t get a device to play music sequentially and it kept repeating… because… well.. it was set to repeat on 1 song… Seems obvious right? But they drove almost an hour to our centre because they didn’t know.

          Titanium is cool, but you pay for it… Rom Manager is better really… Anything you REALLY need should be backed up, if you ever did a lot of IT you should know that already, heck even as a gamer you should because of all the save points etc in case you screw up :P

          Power User? Sure sure, tell yourself that, I think there was a nice paper written a while back showing that Android is still actually a very limiting system. Sure it has a few extras, but it is limited to what can do. Have you tried to even JB a device from scratch from code, write your own Android based OS or even a linux distro? If you can’t tell me that, then my god you are NOT a power user but a typical android fanboy who cites power user as if it actually has a lot of meaning to you.

          Simple, can you develop your own apps or operating system, can you crack encryption protocols or even write your own, can you retrieve data from iOS or Android or any system when a user has deleted and password protected the device?

          To me, 99% of people who claim to be power users are just average users, they are not the dumb idiotic users, so they claim to be “power users”, when in fact they are not.

          Sorry for getting a bit off topic about it, but Android users really seem to say power user a lot in arguments when an IT paper that was published proves that it is limiting… Do you know what open source is? Do you contribute to the movement? I didn’t think so, it is a concept I love and cherish deep, and people claiming android is fully open source, really is annoying. Why does CyanogenMod then have issues with certain phones etc if it would be and adheres fully to open source principles?

  • Andrew

    I just checked out the website it looks pretty cheap. Doesn’t look like something that a team of jailbreak geniuses would make. I dunno I hope I’m wrong and that it really does come out. I’m so bored of my iPhone 5 looking plain and boring. Can’t wait to do some theming on this phone.

  • Dimes_14

    Fake, scam, impossible etc ? So the Dev team are the only people that can create a jailbreak ? Is it that, If your not part of that team it means your mental capabilities are incomparable an can never match up or even surpass theirs?? Smh I am grateful for the great work the dev team has done on the past, BUT I will not go as far as to say that I cannot be done by someone else. The members of the dev team are not GODS!!! So fake or not, just wait an see what happens on the 22nd.

  • oochaos

    what can you say but THE JB TEAM RULE
    keep up the GOOD work without them
    the iphone/ipad would not be what it is today
    NICE CRISSY PREZZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    i already upgraded my iPhone 5 to ios 6.0.1 dang!

  • Felix Davila

    i like to be here to see you people whining about jailbreak and saying hope it comes soon. I don’t have a problem with that and will never have. and a do have a ipod touch 4 just for gaming nothing more, I use my gs3 for other better things. a will never ever buy a iPhone not even if it at 99 cents i love liberty to do with my system what ever i want without restrictions so good luck with your little jailbreak issue.

  • noway pay.

    something tells me (if this is in fact true) that this will be a PAID jailbreak.

  • j1j

    today is 24 december , where is jailbreak iphone 5?

  • Viperboy

    Only stupid people believe its the end of the world (when isaid stupid people I mean the people that they don’t have a Religion .like Christians people)
    & onther thing the dream jb uploaded a video to YouTube that you can jailbreak !!. But they are a fake people!!