WakaWaka Power: A Solar Charger For Your iOS Devices

wakawaka-power-2In the wake of events like Hurricane Sandy, we’ve come to realise the importance of alternate power sources like sunlight, which function even when the conventional power grid goes down. WakaWaka Power, a portable solar charger for your iOS devices, hopes to come in handy in situations like these, where a power outlet isn’t accessible.

The charger, as you’d expect, is a project on Kickstarter and has already exceeded its minimum funding amount with 17 days to go. WakaWaka Power is a follow-up product to the WakaWaka Light, a solar-powered LED used in various developing countries.

Here’s the project description:

The WakaWaka Power is a pocket size mini power station with super efficient solar cells and a power management system which ensures efficiencies which are up to 200% better than any other product in the market.  Apart from charging your smart phone, WakaWaka Power is also a light source which can provide you with more than 40 hours of excellent reading light (on a single day solar charge!).

Place WakaWaka Power in direct sunlight for a whole day and you will notice that the battery will be completely full, even if you live in New York or Seattle (where the intensity of the sun is far less than in Texas). The capacity of the battery is large enough to fully power most mobile phone from completely depleted, to practically full. On top of this, you will have 10 or more hours of excellent reading light as well. If you don’t charge your phone or tablet, as said before, you can have more than 40 hours of light.

For $59 you can reserve the solar charger for yourself. It charges pretty much all portable devices that come with a USB cable. The estimated shipping time is May 2013. There’s an added social-good element to the project as well, with the creators of the project planning to assemble the charging units in Haiti, to aid in the economic development of the country.

Here’s the project’s Kickstarter page.



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