Walmart Discounting the iPhone 5: It’s Going to Pay to Shop Around

2012 12 14 10 11 22

If you’re shopping for an iPhone 5 right now, word to the wise—shop around. Today Walmart has discounts on iPhone 5 models and here in Canada I’ve seen FutureShop also offer models for sale (though maybe not at the moment).

Via 9to5Mac we have Walmart offering iPhone 5s for $127, iPhone 4S as low as $47, and iPad 4s discounted as well.

Essentially, as the last full week of holiday shopping nears, it will pay to shop around for the best deal on anything made by Apple.

Have you found a great deal in store or online that you’d like to share?

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  • Danny

    Walmart is doing its own subsidy to get you into their store during the holiday shopping season. Since the Apple products almost never get discounted consumers will jump on this. Wal-mart’s take on this is that you come into their store and do your holiday shopping with them instead of some other store. That’s why this is a store only deal. Ingenious.

    • Alan

      Yeah, good strategy, but if you don’t fall for it, it’s a good deal.

  • CrapinahandBasket

    An iPhone 5s for $127… Typo!!

  • Jason

    But how is this all “unfair”