Over 20 Million iOS Devices Running Cydia

ipad3-ios-5-1-1-cydiaCydia creator Jay Freeman, a.k.a saurik, has shared some interesting jailbreaking related numbers with TechCrunch.

According to him, over 20 million devices, 22,780,029 to be precise, were seen running Cydia (which implies they are jailbroken) in the past two months. These devices include not just the iPhone but the iPod touch and the iPad as well.

Over a third of these jailbroken devices are iPhone 4 units, which can be jailbroken even on iOS 6, and the second most abundant model, at 20.4 percent, is the iPhone 4S for which an iOS 6 jailbreak is still not available. Amazingly, there are still some iPhone 2G and iPod touch 1st gen units in the stats, although both contribute less than a percent.

Here’s the chart:



Jay Freeman adds that during the lack of a public jailbreak for new versions of iOS, numbers typically go down, but the decline is offset by the huge surge in jailbreaks once a new one is released, and the net usage of Cydia is always going up.

Any guesses on how large this figure would become once the iPhone 5 jailbreak is released to the public?

Via: TechCrunch

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  • Brian

    It would be 20,000,001 if they had a JB for the 5

    • DrunkMunki

      dont you mean 22,780,030

    • StinkyNuts

      a LOT more than that! It’ll prob crash their servers when it’s released. or at least bog it way down. CAN’T WAIT!! guess i’ll have to though..

  • Slick

    “once the iPhone 5 jailbreak is released to the public?” quote sounds soo goood !!! mmmmmm… yummmm… haha maybe double if it gets released ?

    and if not, like that post while back on this site R.I.P. jb

    i’ve been sad ever since i saw that post

  • Jackstoke

    How about the lucky 1% of hackers who must already have a jb for iPhone 5

  • Bigbuff908

    It would be a hell a lot more if we could JB the iPhone 5! I’m bout 2 go back 2 my iphone4 cuz this has been 2 long of a wait since Nov. 2012 c’on keep everybody happy not just a certain %!!!!