Adjustments to iPhone 5 Parts Orders Due to Fast Initial Ramp Up


As we continue to dissect what cuts to iPhone 5 orders really means, today another analyst suggests it was just due to the fast ramp up for the iPhone 5. Now that the device is out, shipping, and selling, Apple has been sales estimates and parts estimates.

From the CNET article a logical take on the drop in parts orders:

“We started hearing indications of cutbacks before the new year,” Paul Semenza, senior vice president, analyst services, at DisplaySearch, told CNET today.

That said, he doesn’t exactly have a negative take on demand for the iPhone 5.

“It was a very quick ramp up. The Q4 [estimate] was originally about 61 million displays [for the iPhone 5]…that may be dialed back, but anything near that number is still huge,” he said, referring to an estimate of display shipments for the iPhone 5. “That would support the theory that the ramp was too much to sustain.”
Via: iPhone 5’s initial ramp too big to sustain, says DisplaySearch | Apple – CNET News

I feel that better production output is a key factor, since demand for the iPhone 5 remains strong. Of course if Apple is ramping up for the next iPhone and maybe is has different screen specs, that could also explain fewer screens needed for the iPhone 5 (and iPod touch).

Still, I have to wonder attempts to divine what Apple’s intentions are with each rumor and report are akin to casting runes to predict your future. Many times a little deduction and logic is more accurate.

HT: MacRumors

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