AltGrabber: Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak To Add More Functionality To Lock Screen Camera Grabber


UI designer Sentry of the Auxo (awesome app switcher replacement tweak) fame is back with a new concept.

Sentry’s concept expands on the Camera grabber feature, which was introduced in iOS 5.1 to make it a lot easier and faster to access the Camera app directly from the Lock screen. Swiping up on the Camera grabber button gives iPhone users quick access to the Camera app.

Sentry explains the problem he is trying to solve with his new concept in a forum post:

By placing a camera shortcut on your lock screen, the OS assumes that all of its users prioritize the camera function in an urgent situation, over other core functions. What about the phone? In a pinch, (or more dramatically, a life-or-death emergency), why is it easier for me to take a photo, than it is to access the very core function of the iPhone: the Phone. Or perhaps the iPod (which lest we forget, is a device for music).

He proposes the following solution:

The idea is simple; give the user a choice of instant access to core OS functions, without making them inherently choose one app (say, phone) over another (say, camera).

This is also hidden in a sense, as it doesn’t affect or impede the current function we’re all used to. Just swipe up on the camera grabber to get to the camera.

However, you’ll notice if you didn’t swipe up immediately, but rather place a finger on the camera grabber without lifting, additional shortcuts will make themselves visible. Since at this point the OS is aware that your intent is to use the grabber function, the slide to unlock mechanism can disappear momentarily as your finger is held, and thus make space for the extra shortcuts.

You can check out the image and the video of the concept below:


The good news is that Sentry is working with iOS jailbreak developer Rudolf Lichtner on a jailbreak tweak called AltGrabber that will make this concept a reality.

Lichtner hasn’t provided any ETA on when it will be released. But as always, we’ll let you know as soon as it is released on Cydia so don’t forget to join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or add us on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via: The Verge Forums, thanks everyone for the tip]


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