App Store Revenue 3.5 Times More Than Google Play Revenue in December


According to App Annie, both Google Play and the App Store has a fantastic December 2012 to wrap up the year. Google Play Revenue doubled over the previous quarter and had impressive gains in December alone. Still, Apple had 3.5 times more revenue in December and posted a 35% gain over the previous month.

The results from App Annie’s January 2013 report don’t include actual revenue numbers, because they sell those data to companies, but just looking at the scale of the revenue numbers it’s clear—Apple is mopping up the floor with Google Play in the battle of the App Stores.

Not that Google isn’t making serious headway, they are showing nice steady growth, something that both Google and Android developers should be happy with, but given the massive difference between the App Store and Google Play, you can see why developers pick iOS first.

As you’d expect, revenues in the App Store are driven by English-speaking countries (excepting Japan)—United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada—but China is rapidly rising in the ranks as a serious player in contributing to App Store revenue, moving to 6th place in December (it was 7th in October). With the massive quantities of iPhones and iPad mini’s sold in China in December, I’d say China is poised to bump Canada out of the top spot in a few months.

Via 9to5Mac.

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