is an Excellent Way to Share Apps On Your iPhone Home Screen

appetiteThe folks behind popular IM app Verbs have launched a web app, called appetite, that lets you upload screenshots of your iPhone’s home screen and share it with your friends via a link. But that’s not the highlight of the website—amazingly, the site recognises all the apps on your home screen automatically and links them to their respective iTunes pages.

You can upload your screenshot (instructions on how to take a screenshot) via the traditional file upload panel (as long as you’re on iOS 6 or higher), drag and drop the image to your browser or email it to It takes a while for the screenshot to upload, after which Appetite does server-side recognition to identify the apps on your home screen. Once the recognition is done, you’re presented with a list of all the apps on your home screen, along with a brief description and price along with a link to the App Store.

The site is in beta, so it obviously has its set of quirks. From the 24 apps I had on my home screen, there was just one wrong detection, which I presume was because the icon for the app (iCaller) was too common. There are issues with identifying web clips and folders, and there might be apps which are still not indexed with the website. Appetite  generates a public link for your homes creen, which you can share with your friends, but the Twitter connection doesn’t seem to be working as of now.

Though there’s a lot to improve in the service, it’s a great tool to share what apps you use daily with your friends. You can take the service for a spin by heading over to If you do, be sure to leave a link of your uploaded screenshot down here in the comments. Here’s mine: