Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes Second China Visit

tim cook chinaApple’s CEO Tim Cook is currently in China for an official visit—his second trip to the region within a year. As part of his visit, Cook met China’s head of industry and IT as well as the US ambassador to China.

From Wall Street Journal’s report:

Mr. Cook met with Miao Wei, head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, to exchange views on the development of China’s information and communications industry, global mobile communications, the development of smart devices and trends in innovation, the ministry said Tuesday on its website.

Cook also met Gary Locke, the US ambassador to China, where the two discussed Apple’s retail presence in China, as noted in a tweet by Jim Sciutto, Chief of Staff at the US Embassy in China:

Apple’s retail presence in China and Hong Kong has nearly doubled since Tim Cook’s last visit to the country 10 months ago. The company now has 8 stores in China and 3 in Hong Kong.

Further details about Tim Cook’s China visit remain unknown, but he does have a lot to take care of in the region, from Apple’s supply chain to the immense sales growth potential in China. There’s also China Mobile—the world’s largest carrier—which doesn’t yet carry the iPhone on its network officially, to be courted into the Apple fold.

Cook’s previous visit to China was set amidst a lot of negative press about the working conditions in Apple supplier Foxconn’s factories. Since then though, not only has Apple improved the living and working conditions in the factories, but has also announced plans to bring back some manufacturing to the US.

Via: The Next Web

Image: MIIT, China


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