Apple Looking for Wireless Test Engineers


Supporting the story last week that Apple and Broadcom are reportedly working on a 802.11ac chip for Apple devices, Apple is recruiting wireless test engineers. When first posted the job listing included 802.11a,b,c,g, and ac standards knowledge as a requirement, the posting has now been edited to remove that requirement. Doesn’t matter really, it’s a safe bet 802.11ac is still on Apple’s radar.

Noticed by AppleBitch and MacRumors the Apple job posting said:

System Test Engineer – Wi-Fi (802.11)

System Test Engineering is looking for an experienced test engineer with excellent problem solving and communications skills. In this role, you will be testing, automating, leading, and working closely with the entire cross-functional team to ensure quality for Macintosh products.

  • Technical knowledge of WiFi (802.11a,b,g, ac) and Ethernet network environments

Checking the posting now (if you follow the link above) the 802.11 part is gone, just knowledge of WiFi and Ethernet environments. Best guess, Apple didn’t want people to know that 802.11ac is on their radar, not that it isn’t pretty obvious that it would be already. Small detail really, since Apple generally tries to keep up with WiFi (the slow switch to 5 GHz in devices is still a head scratcher for me).

Just when we’d see 802.11ac in shipping products is anyone’s guess. Probably late summer or fall in updated MacBooks and iMacs, followed by the iPhone and iPad.