Apple Ramping Up for iPhone 5S Production in March, Aiming for Late Summer Launch

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Another day dawns and more rumors about the next iPhone pop up. Kinda like mushrooms after a good rain. Like wild mushrooms (a few are okay to consume, but most will kill you), all the rumors of what is nearing production, in production, or being created by elves at the North Pole, we need to tread take all of these with a grain of salt.

The latest batch of rumors comes via the Apple Insider (they don’t link to the reports) that Apple will start making the next iPhone in March and launch in the summer:

Apple will begin preliminary builds of the successor to the iPhone 5 in March, setting up for an earlier-than-expected debut in June or July, according to a new report.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said in a note to investors this week that two future iPhone prototypes are currently testing. At least one of these is said to be a so-called “iPhone 5S,” while the other could be Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone.
Via: Apple Insider

Make sense? Sure. If you’re going to launch in June or July, starting production in March seems logical. A couple prototypes being tested? I’d say more accurately a couple late stage prototypes being tested, since the safe bet is that Apple has prototypes for years worth of iPhones being tested at any given time.

The next iPhone, cheap iPhone, how many iPhones are being bought and sold, are hot topics for us to toss around right now. We’ll just have to wait a until Apple does make its move to know for sure.

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