Apple Rolling Out “App Store Notes” to Featured Apps in the App Store

MacRumors noticed that there was some extra info in the information for this week’s free app Gesundheit (iPhone and iPad versions)—App Store Notes. At least as far as the App Store on iOS in the U.S. was concerned.

From what MacRumors found the additional notes started appearing in the Apps of the Year, but they just noticed with this week’s free app Gesundheit. They also noted that these App Store Notes were only on the App Store on iOS, not the web or in iTunes.


Checking the Canadian App Store I couldn’t find App Store Notes for this app or other featured apps, so could this just be an American App Store feature? The notes are a nice touch, so I hope we do see them in Canada.

Are you seeing App Note Notes in other apps? In other countries? Let us know in the comments.

Download links:

Gesundheit iPhone

Gesundheit iPad

Via: Apple Adds ‘App Store Notes’ to Featured Apps – Mac Rumors

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