Apple Rolling Out “App Store Notes” to Featured Apps in the App Store

MacRumors noticed that there was some extra info in the information for this week’s free app Gesundheit (iPhone and iPad versions)—App Store Notes. At least as far as the App Store on iOS in the U.S. was concerned.

From what MacRumors found the additional notes started appearing in the Apps of the Year, but they just noticed with this week’s free app Gesundheit. They also noted that these App Store Notes were only on the App Store on iOS, not the web or in iTunes.


Checking the Canadian App Store I couldn’t find App Store Notes for this app or other featured apps, so could this just be an American App Store feature? The notes are a nice touch, so I hope we do see them in Canada.

Are you seeing App Note Notes in other apps? In other countries? Let us know in the comments.

Download links:

Gesundheit iPhone

Gesundheit iPad

Via: Apple Adds ‘App Store Notes’ to Featured Apps – Mac Rumors

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  • Alex

    Choosing the Winers and Losers (by Featuring Apps, which gives TONS more exposure on the App Store, and directly results much higher sales ) is yet another example of Apple killing innovation in software. Why invest if Apple chooses winers, NOT the software buyer?

    • Rounak Jain

      I’ve almost never bought an app from the top charts, which buyers decide. Apple’s handpicked selection on the other hand is really nice.

      • Alex

        So you like the idea of Apple deciding what is good, and what is bad?
        You like Apple to decide what you will buy?

        You always like what you are told to like?

        • Rounak Jain

          I don’t care who tells me as long as the app is good. So far, Apple has done a much better job

          • Alex

            How do you know how the Apple pushed ones stack up if you’ve not tried others?

            (and I have news, shhh, is anyone listening? um, the Top charts, shhhh, they’re not exactly 100% legit, shhh, some apps with less downloads rank higher from day to day, time to time, shhhh)

    • Rounak Jain

      Also have you never seen the top charts? Free, paid and top grossing. Aren’t those winners chosen by the software buyer?

  • pirre

    it is also in theapp syore of belgium i am downloadig the app now

  • qweh

    Angry Birds Rio was free for a week here in Canda. I don’t know about k=now since I can’t connect to the App Store.

  • Brian Charles