Apple Stock Flirts with Sub-$500


Fueled by concerns over weak iPhone 5 demand, Apple stock (AAPL) is flirting with prices below $500 for the first time in almost a year.

Apple broke through the $500 price level February 16th, 2011 leading up to a peak price of $702 on September 19th, 2011. Apple stock has slid since then, except for a brief rally from November 19th–December 3rd, based on missing Street estimates, sales of the iPhone 5, and rumors about competition.

Today’s chart shows the brief flirtation with sub-$500:

2013 01 14 07 28 12

but looking at the last year:

2013 01 14 07 36 13

You see the rise and fall of Apple stock (still the largest, if not close to the largest company by value in the world).

I’m not a financial analyst, but I think part of the problem here is that investors are a little skittish about a consumer electronics company valued so highly. Consumer electronics is a tough business. Consumers a notoriously fickle. Right now the iPhone and iPad are hot, but in a year? They could be old hat.

We won’t know how good, or bad, Apple’s last quarter was (Q1 2013 which is Oct–Dec, 2012) until next Thursday (the 24th) when Apple holds its earnings call and Q1 2013 report. Until then speculation about what a hitting component orders really means to Apple’s bottom line.

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  • Thomas guide

    The competition has caught up and surpassed Apple. IOS 6 was a big flop, IOS in general has gotten stale and boring. Apple’s arrogance when it comes to bigger phone screens. We at Apple know best, 4.3 inches for a screen is too big. Meanwhile 5″ phones are selling like hot cakes. We’ll never make a cheap iphone, wanna bet? You’re gonna have to make a cheaper iphone otherwise Android is going to eat you for lunch Apple. The arrogance must stop, this is not Steve Job’s Apple anymore. Build the 4″ 4.3″ and 4.5″ iphone, let the consumers decide which one the want. Refresh IOS with live icons, give us more customization options. A phone owner gets to decide what he does with his phone, what a fucking concept? The minimum memory should be upgraded 32gb. 16gb is not useful anymore even with icloud. Those videos and photos are taking up way too much space. And no I’m not going to give you an extra $100 in almost pure profit for you to upgrade to 32gb.

    In Steve Job’s world you don’t own your phone, Apple owns it and he tells you what you can and can’t do with your phone.

    FYI, I didn’t even bother to upgrade my 4s to IOS 6 as it doesn’t really bring much new. I bought a Lumia 920 with 32gb off contract for $350 and so far I’m loving it. I may go to Apple again in the future, but they better wow me with IOS 7, make the phone larger and less expensive, Otherwise I’m done with Apple.

    • Dipen dhutia

      sorry but the fact that you brought a lumia means that’s you are an idiot as what you write is automatically disregarded

      • Thomas guide

        Just because a person prefers a product other than Apple doesn’t make him an idiot. What does make for an idiot is someone who is closed minded and afraid to try new products. I am loyal to devices that work for me, not to any one company. Like I said, if Apple can make a better device, I’m not opposed to buying another iphone. I may even try the Nexus 4 and whatever phone works best for me is the one I’ll keep. Good luck with your 5s.

        • Thomas guide

          Great come back, I’ve never been so insulted in all my life. I may go hide in a cave. Go back to your iphone you stupid troll.

      • JCT

        WOW really you are the only here that sounds like the idiot

    • Rounak Jain

      “Lumia 920 with 32gb off contract for $350”
      Wow that’s cheap man, from where did you buy it?

      • Thomas guide

        Craigslist, brand new I opened the box myself.

  • Dipen dhutia

    Well I can tell you that the fall is due to lower than expected earnings which those investment bankers have found out earlier than the rest of the public. It has nothing to do with innovation of consumer products at this stage, it’s all to do with earnings

    • Christian

      isn’t earnings based on sales that are based om people that are happy with there product that you offer? They are so closed minded. I watched the sopranos every year to wait for what never came. it’s the same now with apple. Little bits with lots of let downs.

      • JCT

        the last big i phone was the 4 and before that the 3g was huge but from there its like ahhhhh the 5 is not bad bigger screen and 4g way better processor but its missing the spark i guess is what you would call it and no JB makes me want it less

        • Christian

          That’s what I’m saying, the spark. All the cool stuff other phones are getting that the iPhone doesn’t have. Apple makes great phones. Simple to use. The best os in my opinion but it still lacks so much. Being able to jailbreak it alows me to add the missing pieces. Apple will see what there doing wrong but not fix a thing. The 5s will come with more bread crumbs. Not a chunk of the cookie. It’s just sad.

  • Christian

    I’ve always bought apple. I’m done. Not being able to jailbreak is bs. I want round folders, a cool notification center. I want to be able to put as many apps Ina folder as I want. I’m not asking for much. Spend more time on bettering your os then trying to block weaknesses to block jail breaking. Androids looking good and I thought I was apple for life :(

  • Rounak Jain


  • Pacomacman

    The market is now flooded with cheap and nasty tablets which people gamble on in order to save money. I bought an Amazon Kindle HD, a Nexus 7, a Windows 8 tablet, a 4th Gen iPad and an iPad Mini over the last 6 months, certainly more than the average user, but nothing, not even a £1000 Windows tablet comes close to the iPad. People make do with the cheap tablets because they don’t know any better, but the reality is its the iPad I use more than any of the others. Windows RT is a fad, and will hopefully die a death before the year is out.

    My Android tablets are a disappointment, and the Nexus 7 only gets used as a GPS device now. The Windows Pro tablet has promise, it is well built, speedy, but the OS needs lots of work. No point in having a 1080p screen and UI elements that are too small to touch!

    If Apple could fuse iOS and Mac OS on a tablet it would blow the Java based Android OS out of the water… Watch this space!