Apple Sued Over Its Warranty Policies In Belgium


Apple is in trouble again over warranty policy for its products in Belgium. According to the EU law, Apple should ideally be offering customers a two-year warranty for its products, which includes its iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod.

However, Apple offers warranty only for a year and offers AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare+ to customers who want coverage beyond one year.

Apple has been sued over its warranty policy by the Italian regulator as well. The Next Web reports that Belgian consumer protection organization Test-Aankoop has filed a lawsuit against Apple yesterday:

Test-Aankoop argues that this practice does not comply with local laws, and also asserts that Apple isn’t adequately informing consumers of their rights. Yesterday, the organization filed the suit with the Commercial Court of Brussels, arguing that Apple deliberately withholds information about an official EU directive, which automatically extends warranties on electronics to two years, in order to help sell AppleCare.

Though Apple was cleared in the AppleCare lawsuit in Italy after it made amendment to its policies, it was still fined for not complying with the local laws.

The report notes that Apple may also get pulled up by the Portugese consumer groups over its warranty policies, and other EU countries are likely to follow.

It’s strange that Apple hasn’t amended its policies  to comply with the EU laws after getting into trouble in Italy.

Via: The Next Web

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